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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Cochrane should stop following Calgary's decisions

I have been a resident and employee in the Town of Cochrane for 20 years ... I have seen a lot.. ...and we have seen many changes.
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I have been a resident and employee in the Town of Cochrane for 20 years ... I have seen a lot ... and we have seen many changes.
I can't tell you how upsetting it is that our Town Council can't come up with it's own facts and rules without always following what Calgary does....we are not a city and our many Ranchers make us the best Country Town!
We DO NOT need mandatory masks in Cochrane!!
Especially now...a mandate in March or April would have made more sense....people today are SO mentally stressed already...I don't think forcing them to do one more thing is going help anything....the province hasn't even come close to discussing masks AND they are the only ones who should be making this decision... Denna Henshaw even said there isn't enough proof to prove the masks help.  If you are not in a huge group gathering for a period of distancing and sanitizing has been working in our Town.
We have no real numbers to speak of....ask for facts from Doctors in "our Town" at Primary Care how well we are doing's time to "Stop" scaring people....they are not going to die from this virus....the numbers of recovery speak for them themselves.....
Get the real facts and let people live the one and only life they have without fear and have the hope they should to get out there and enjoy something 💖
Have an awesome day!
PS.  I have been out there working with the rules and regulations of Covid19 and we have all been fine...I am sure all other businesses feel the same...
D. Shier