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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Wearing a mask is a small thing to ask

With regard to Patrick Wilson\'s statement "wearing masks" intrudes on "hard-won" personal liberties.
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With regard to Patrick Wilson's statement "wearing masks" intrudes on "hard-won" personal liberties. Masks have now proven to be the most effective way to halt the spread of COVID19 since the spread by droplets is much more contagious than touching. Viruses that land on surfaces lose their potency very quickly when they have left their host. Droplets that are inhaled find a breeding ground in the respiratory tract and wreak havoc. Do you really think front line first responders(my son is an advanced care paramedic in Vancouver) and emergency personnel love getting completely masked and gowned etc every time they go out on a call. I have the right to expect that others around me keep me and many like me who wear the masks as safe as possible. If COVID 19 had massive bleeding as a symptom, we may all think differently. Those who have contracted the virus and died have suffocated to death. Mask wearing is a short term request until a vaccine or treatment is available. Can we not show consideration for one another for a short period of time? We have so much freedom in this country. My father experienced the power of the Nazis and fled for a good portion of his early years. Can we all be grateful for a short period of time and help bring life "back to normal"?

— Marianne Brealey