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RCMP issue request to find owners of recovered collectibles

Police looking for rightful owners of some unique items, including British and Canadian coins and an antique watch.

Can you help return some recovered items – which may be someone’s prized collection or even family heirlooms – back to their rightful owner? Police officials hope you can.

RCMP in Saskatchewan have issued a region-wide appeal to return some unique items to their rightful owners.

As a result of a March 27, 2020 investigation, Loon Lake RCMP seized a number of firearms, a quantity of narcotics – and some unique collectibles.

Loon Lake is approximately 100 kilometres east of Elk Point and a similar distance south-east of Cold Lake. Some of the people arrested in connection to the file are from the Lloydminster and Onion Lake areas.

The collectibles include:

- A collection of Canadian coins, including Royal Canadian Mint collector sets. Many of these coins appear to be from the 1980s, with some more recent special edition silver dollars.

- A collector set of British coins, which appear to be antique.

- A silver Montauk pocket watch, which also appears to be antique.

Loon Lake RCMP have tried to find the owner or owners as part of the investigation and are now asking members of the public for assistance. Investigators believe the items likely originated in Saskatchewan or Alberta.

Share it out

“We can’t release photos or detailed descriptions of the coins because there’d be no way of us validating who the true owner is,” says Loon Lake RCMP Sgt. Earl Keewatin. “But the pocket watch has a personalized inscription on it. We’re releasing a photo of it – with this inscription blurred – hoping that someone recognizes it and can identify the inscription to claim it. So please take a look. If you see this on social media, share it. You may help us find the watch’s owner, which in turn may also help us return the coins and other items to whoever is missing them.”

Anyone with information can call Loon Lake RCMP at 306-837-2440. Information can also be submitted anonymously by contacting Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)