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Snowshoeing Through Elk Island Park

Alberta is home to mountainous terrain and sprawling, scenic wilderness trails that are great for skiers and snowshoers alike.
11 - Snowshoeing

You don’t have to drive all the way to Banff or Jasper to find scenic, challenging trails for snowshoeing. The trails winding their way through Elk Island National Park provide views of grazing bison common to this area. So, if you’re a keen outdoor enthusiast and you want to experience the intimacy of hiking through Alberta’s idyllic wilderness, Elk Island is only a short 35 minute drive east of Edmonton.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned expert, check out Elk Island National Park where you can enjoy snowshoeing to your heart’s content.


Elk Island National Park boasts several features that enhance the experience of traversing the snowy wilderness. A large open-air pavilion provides a common area where travelers can rest around a cozy fire, drinking hot chocolate. Elk Island also features ample parking, an information area, playgrounds, restrooms, and a gift shop.

Wildlife Viewing

Alberta’s arid and thickly wooded landscape is home to a number of animals sought after by nature-watching snowshoers. This nature reserve hosts over 250 bird species, families of bears, and herds of bison. In the winter the bears hibernate, but the snowshoe trails can offer a fantastic view of the herds of bold and majestic bison traversing the terrain, brushing the snow aside to graze. The wildlife in Elk Island is beautiful and make for memorable photographs. Just be sure to stay safe and keep your distance from all wild animals.

Snowshoe Rental

You don’t have to be highly experienced or own your own pair of snowshoes to enjoy the rolling trails of Elk Island National Park. If you are a visitor looking for a pair of snowshoes, Elk Island offers rental services. Rentals for adults are $14.00 while children’s snowshoes are free to rent.

Snowshoe Classes

If you’re brand new to snowshoeing, Elk Island offers snowshoe classes that will teach you the rudiments of snowshoeing safely and effectively. Prospective snowshoers will be taught how to strap the shoes tightly and also will be oriented through outdoor walking exercises. You’ll get the feel for snowshoeing after only a few steps, and you’re ready to go!


Elk Island also offers a comprehensive tour program. Guides will take you through the park to experience the wonders along the trails from rocky crags to serene shores.

Elk Island National Park is a unique parcel of the North American landscape, where snowshoers can experience the wonders of nature firsthand and create lasting memories with great friends. Elk Island National Park is open year-round, and snowshoe hiking is a popular activity for the scores of people visit every year. Come experience the allure of snowshoeing at Elk Island this winter!