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Financial emergencies and unexpected life events can often leave our credit battered, which is why we believe in second chances. Our mission is to make financing available to all Canadians regardless of their credit rating. Our platform is designed to connect consumers, with any financial background, with lenders that can provide them with access to the financing they need. Moreover, we provide educational resources so that they can make informed decisions and build a healthy financial future.


Our loan search platform helps Canadians access a list of lenders they can review and compare their features. Moreover, instead of applying to multiple lenders hoping to be approved, with Loans Canada, you simply fill in one application to receive multiple offers from different lenders instantly.

Make Informed Decisions

Whether our consumers are looking to finance a car, a house, or another major purchase, our blog and learning center has thousands of articles they can use to research and educate themselves on any topic. Our goal is to encourage our customers to borrow responsibly, take back control of their finances and build a healthy financial future.

Safe and Secure

We understand the importance of privacy, so we only ask our consumers for information needed to match them with a lender. Moreover, our website is encrypted with SSL to protect our consumer’s information. All information collected by Loans Canada is never shared without your consent. You can read more on it here .


In order to match our consumers with a lender that best meets their needs, we’ve partnered with Canada’s largest financial institutions. Our partnerships allow us to offer our consumers access to the largest lender network in the country.