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Seasonal Décor for A Sizzling Summer

As spring shifts into summer, we’re all looking for ways to spruce up our yards and walkways.
5-3 Seasonal
Nothing says summer quite like beautiful bright flowers in the garden.

By employing a few simple strategies and investing some time, money and effort, you can make your yard a beautiful place to enjoy. You’ll also be able to boost your home’s curb appeal and potentially increase its ability to sell.

Lawn Care

In nearly every neighbourhood, there’s at least one house with dry brown grass or a jungle of weeds desperately in need of a trim. To ensure your home doesn’t fit this category, you must invest some time into the care of your lawn.

As a minimum requirement, keeping your grass trimmed and weeds in check along with necessary watering, will keep your lawn looking respectable. If you’d like to maximize your lawn’s vibrancy, add fertilizer at recommended intervals. If you don’t have time to water, you may want to install an automatic sprinkler system.

If you’re looking to boost your lawn from respectable to amazing, there are additional strategies you can employ. Adding a rock bed or decorative border to your lawn breaks up the monotony of an unbroken sheet of grass and helps accent the loveliness of your lawn. If you’re up for some extra caretaking work, you could also add decorative trees or shrubs to further highlight and supplement your yard.

5-3B Seasonal
A lush green lawn in the back yard can be easily accented with container flowers on the patio.


Flowers are a wonderful way to add splashes of colour and heighten the vibrancy of the front of your home. Depending on your gardening skills and desires, there are many ways to add flowers into your yard.

Flower beds, especially along walkways, are lovely, eye-catching additions. In order to keep your bed blooming throughout the summer, it’s important to choose your plants wisely so one or two will always be in bloom. Flower beds may require a large amount of effort to keep them free of weeds and harmful insects, but will pay off in beauty.

If you don’t have the time or aptitude to take care of a flower bed, there are many potted plants you can purchase to place on your driveway, walkways or yard. By finding attractive pots and just the right colour combinations, potted plants can achieve the same stunning effect as a flower bed.


While winter themed ornamental decorations are often grander, there is a wide selection of summer ornaments as well. At your front door, there are accessories such as welcome mats or signs that provide a cheery greeting to anyone who stops by. There are also a variety of hanging wreaths, some woven with summery branches and flowers and others themed for holidays.

Lawn ornaments are also an option, though it often requires careful shopping to ensure these ornaments add to your lawn rather than make it look tacky or damage your grass. Many stores sell solar powered lights that you can use to line your paths and bring attention to key features of your yard, even throughout the night.

Whatever your summer plans, having a beautiful yard to enjoy and spend time in can be a wonderful enhancement. Taking the time to properly take care of and decorate your yard can add a lot to the beauty and desirability of your home. Even if you have no plans to sell your home, making a habit of seasonal décor can help you find a good buyer when the time comes.

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