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An extra set of hands to the rescue

It warmed my heart when I visited the main Post Office in Cochrane December 17th and saw an act of kindness which I must share.

There was a young Mom at the postal counter with a babe in a car seat on the floor beside her. As she tried to manage tasks at the counter, and keep an eye on the baby, she clearly needed another pair of hands. In the line up behind her was a grey haired gentlemen and behind him and in front of me was a young man.

I was surprised when the young man spoke to her and asked if he could rock the baby while she finished her tasks at the counter. She said yes and he stepped up to gently rock the little babe. When she moved to the side counter he continued to help and when she left he went to the back of the growing line up. I motioned for him to return to his original place in line and when his turn came up the postal clerk told him his package wasn’t at the main post office. He would have to go to another location to pick up his parcel after waiting in line.

It’s such a busy time of the year and everyone’s nerves get a little frayed now and again especially in lines. It’s so nice to see someone showing kindness and respect. I didn’t get his name but I overheard he was a Correction’s Officer at the Remand Centre. Such a wonderful gesture that touched the hearts of all of us that day.

- Julia Trites