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Cochrane council’s remuneration committee has bad optics

Bad optics

In regards to council’s decision to appoint four Cochrane residents to the Remuneration Committee (RC).

Let me be clear, I do not have any issue(s) with any of the individuals who ‘volunteered’ for this committee nor am I suggesting that any of the council members have a vested interest in these appointments.

My concern is simple, why would council not task administration to come up with a fair, equitable and transparent method of choosing who sits on what committee or, better yet, engage the public for ideas?! While this comment would be pertinent to all of Cochrane’s committees, it is of particular importance for a committee that has direct influence in the determination of council remuneration.

Perception often becomes someone’s reality; this is particularly true in politics.

Why then would council risk looking like a ‘self-serving’ group of ‘politicians’? This is an accusation I have heard in the past and is also a well-known stereotype.
People might accuse me of ‘making a mountain out of a mole hill’ but when democracy is under threat throughout the world and when people’s distrust of ‘politician’s is at an all-time high; I think it’s fair to request that safeguards be put in place.

I know some of the present council members and trust that they are doing their best to fairly represent the residents of Cochrane but I also know that every time the topic of remuneration takes place there is always tension and different opinions.

I’m just suggesting that council attempts to do something different/be pro-active.

Dan Cunin