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I wish Trump had a Canadian twin

In response to Jen McCrie’s letter in Aug.

In response to Jen McCrie’s letter in Aug. 22 newspaper, “A pro Trump letter should not run in your newspaper,”  she stated she is a “newcomer to this town” and I would like to point out that we still have freedom of speech in Cochrane. 

I would also suggest that she expand her horizons beyond the Fake News which she spewed in her letter, and without restrictions I might add.  
Her motto appears to be “you are entitled to your opinion as long as it agrees with mine.”  Not!!

Here’s mine:  I wish Donald Trump had a twin to send to Canada who would make our entire country’s best interests a priority, wherein “savings jobs” would expand outside of Quebec and definitely include Alberta.

Ethical behaviour and less conflicts of interest from a leader of Canada would also be most welcome.

“Make Canada Righteous Again.”

G. Wilson