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LETTER: To the porch thief

Eagle reader wishes porch pirate a very Merry Christmas
porch pirate
A man snags parcels and mail from an unsuspecting Burnaby neighbour.

Some family members from Nova Scotia thoughtfully picked out some Christmas gifts for me, wrapped them up carefully and with love, and sent them to me in a package.

Canada Post decided that since it wouldn’t fit in the locked mailbox it would be left on my porch unattended and unsecured.

You stole it.

Nonetheless I wish you a Merry Christmas, I hope you don’t feel too guilty about stealing gifts from my loved ones, I hope they fill your heart as much as they would have mine.

In the new year, I hope your financial situation is better, your moral situation is better, and your ethical situation is better. You obviously have less than me, be it money, possessions, love or family.

I cannot be mad at you, I can only feel very sorry for you.

Merry Christmas, enjoy the gifts,

Rod Estensen,