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Only a vibrant economy will sustain strong social programs

Anyone who believes that we can borrow our way to prosperity is a fool.
Criticism of government is valid; however, the recent editorials by citizens Gackle, Cunin and Durrell have been grumbling about the wrong issues. Each of them has valid arguments, but putting blame in the wrong place. Every one of these arguments could be resolved by remembering the fundamental issue, as Clinton told Bush prior to a recent US election: “It’s the economy stupid!"

Social issues cannot be resolved when the former Notley government left Alberta with a $63 billion dollar debt and the Trudeau government has saddled the country with annual deficits of $27 billion and a total national debt of $1 trillion dollars, while at the same time ignoring or curtailing economic solutions.

Yes, young Canadians are suffering, there are inadequacies in our social programs at all levels and there are problems far more serious than gun control. The solution to almost every problem is economic. Trudeau is wasting time and our tax dollars in Africa buying ineffective votes for a seat on the useless United Nations Security Council when he should be taking a leadership role in resolving the standoff between destructive environmentalist thugs and our critically important transportation systems.

Meanwhile his government wastes valuable time on more gun control?

Is Mr. Durrell aware that Alberta’s Trudeau-sponsored diminishing oil and gas extraction industry creates $644.00 in GDP per working hour, while flipping burgers generates only $19.00 in GDP per working hour? Alberta’s bankrupt businesses have been the direct result of unsound economic policies, unrealistic regulations and high taxes. In January, 35,000 jobs were created across Canada resulting in national unemployment of 5.5 per cent. At the same time Alberta lost 1,000 jobs resulting in a provincial unemployment rate of more than 7 per cent. If the Teck oil sands project is not approved employment at all ages will only get worse and the demands for Alberta separation will be heard across Canada. Lin Gackle continues her whining about socialist support for singles, while ignoring the serious economic issues facing all Albertans that can only be resolved by eliminating regulatory red tape and getting Alberta’s struggling resource industries back to work.

The almost complete destruction of Alberta should be obvious to everyone. Examples include ongoing bankruptcies of businesses and individuals, homes are being deserted, mortgages foreclosed, property values have dropped more than 20 per cent, suicides are commonplace and our wealth creators are moving to America where they are welcome and appreciated. To repeat a historical analogy, “Trudeau is fiddling while Alberta burns”. Canada is the only country in the world engaged in the destruction of it’s own economy.

Anyone who believes that we can borrow our way to prosperity is a fool. I challenge anyone to tell me I’m wrong. You know where I am.

- L. (Tex) Leugner