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Rebuttal: Newsletter an 'empty, bombastic rant'

Blake Richards was describing how many Albertans feel and Marshall needs a lesson in reality.

In Andy Marshall’s letter from the Jan. 9 edition of the Cochrane Eagle, he severely criticized MP Richards for stating; “It’s time for this government to act on behalf of Alberta and build pipelines." Marshall called Richards' newsletter an ‘empty, bombastic rant’.

Richards was describing how many Albertans feel and Marshall needs a lesson in reality.

The destruction of Alberta’s economy continues while Trudeau appeases his Laurentian base in Eastern Canada. While Alberta oil is landlocked as a direct result of Bills C-48 and C-69, Canada continues to import 750,000 barrels every day, 165,000 of which is blood oil from Saudi Arabia and Nigeria and Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change refused to explain why Trudeau’s government does not enforce its environmental rules to the exporters of foreign oil to Canada. Furthermore, the Irving Oil Refinery announced that it has dropped its pledge to cut its emissions by 17 per cent knowing that Ottawa will not enforce compliance.

According to a recent report in the C2C Journal, some $246 billion dollars in investment has disappeared from Canada, most of it from Alberta. Between 2014 and 2017, Alberta’s private sector has lost almost 200,000 jobs, most in the energy sector with provincial unemployment close to 7 per cent. In November 2019 alone 71,200 jobs were lost in Canada many in Alberta while at the same time, 260,000 jobs were created in the US, many of which were filled by Canadians who have left the sinking ship of Trudeau's Canada. Meanwhile, many Albertans are working as many as three part-time jobs while using food banks to stay alive. In November, in Calgary alone seven more homes were abandoned and at last count some 112 homes have had mortgages foreclosed.

Furthermore, as a direct result of Trudeau’s intentional destruction of Alberta’s economy hundreds of family businesses have gone bankrupt or closed the doors, hundreds of homes have been lost, suicides are becoming commonplace because dozens of desperate Albertans could not cope with the willful economic neglect of the Liberal government. Dozens of energy companies have moved operations to the booming economy of America and many others in financial difficulty have been de-listed by the Toronto Stock exchange. Trudeau merely shrugs at these conditions while continuing his attack of Alberta, which will be disastrous for many families after the imposition of an unnecessary, ineffective carbon tax.

Mr. Marshall still has his head in the socialist sand if he doesn’t understand what’s happening in Alberta today. I challenge him to question the statistics described above.

- L (Tex) Leugner