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There is no justification for what Trudeau has done to Alberta’s economy

David Werrett missed the point.

David Werrett is correct, political parties of all stripes lie all the time before, during and after elections. However he entirely missed the point made in my Aug. 22 letter.

With the insidious support of our former Premier and the Quebec and BC governments, Trudeau cancelled pipeline projects, nationalized Kinder Morgan, brought legislation with Bills C-48 and C-69 supported by an unpatriotic Senate all of which have literally destroyed the golden goose that provides the tax revenue supporting Canada’s social services.

Then during his trip to Calgary he told us disingenuously, dishonourably and shamelessly, “it’s important for Canada to be there for Alberta and we’re working hard on that. We will continue putting Alberta’s interests at the heart of everything we do”??

Does Werrett not see the enormity of this monstrous lie?

To do what Trudeau did and then tell us he’s helping Alberta is the epitome of the disgraceful actions of a man with absolutely no conscience.

During a recent visit to North Eastern BC, the destruction of our resource industries was painfully obvious with once thriving businesses closed, buildings for lease, sale or rent, compounds full of unused equipment, half empty restaurants and hotels all along highways 22 and 43 from Cochrane through Grande Prairie to Ft. St. John.

Mr. Werrett, you obviously have no idea what Trudeau has done to our industry. How dare you attempt to justify the behaviour of this Marxist Prime Minister in the destruction of Alberta’s economy with the naïve idiotic reasoning that “all political parties lie”?

As for the statistics you quoted comparing Liberal promises kept at 53.5% with Conservative promises kept at 77%, I’ll take 77% anytime.

With regard to taxing the income trusts, does Werrett not know why Harper had no choice but to tax income trusts? Here’s why, after recognizing the tax saving potential, every corporation in Canada planned conversion to a trust.

Anyone who knows anything about the economic consequences would have recognized the serious damage conversion to income trusts would have done to the tax base that supports our social programs.

To conclude Mr. Werrett, based on the facts presented, what Harper did was exactly what he had to for the benefit of Canada’s economy. What Trudeau has done is nothing less than the elimination of Western Canada’s economic potential. Any thinking Canadian knows that Harper is an economist while Trudeau is an empty suit owned by Quebec.

I challenge you or anyone else to refute research, common sense and logic. You know where I am.

L. (Tex) Leugner