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We must vote the Liberals out of office in the next elections

Liberals must go.

 I am currently reading The Truth About Trudeau by Bob Plamondon. It is factual, well-researched and easy to read. Is it easy to get through? No, it is not. Every time I return to this book, my head hurts, I get acid reflux, heart races, and I sweat with rage.

The book is about Pierre, not Justin, or so I thought. I see no difference between the two. In fact, “Drama Queen Justin” is trying to out do the old man regarding screwing Alberta/Western Canada. That they have in common. With this father/son pair ‘The apple does not fall far from the tree’. Character traits defining both: dishonesty, narcissism, corruptibility, treacherousness, an absence of patriotism, a dearth of leadership skills, and a profound disrespect for Western Canada. Both have done more to promote an Independent Western Canada than anyone else in Canadian history.

Recently, I overheard individuals blaming Alberta’s woes on President Trump, which is “Looney Tunes”. Alberta’s woes are due to arrogance in spades, absence of basic business sense, and a lack of foresight by the previous NDP government. Notley’s tax increases, especially the delusional carbon tax, created a toxic environment for business that considers their customers needs, employees, suppliers and share holders etc. Plus Trudeau suckered Notley in and she took the Trudeau bait, hook, line and sinker, regarding pipelines, etc.

Politely that’s’ being naive, realistically that’s being screwed!

This lack of foresight, lack of dealing with outside green movements, combined with NDP arrogance, no business sense (provincially and federally) led directly to failure in recognizing the effect on Alberta and Canada of Trump’s plan to lower corporate taxes and eliminate regulations. Trump was fulfilling his promise to “Make America Great Again”. Now that’s leadership. Notley and the Feds (meaning Trudeau), failed to see the Trump freight train a-coming! The predictable result: bye bye (adieu!) to the Canadian Oil Patch and other businesses along with billions of dollars to Alberta and Canada. Yes, Canadians through poor leadership etc gave our Canadian $$ to “Make America Great Again.” Angry Yet?

The Canadian oil patch and other businesses are now in the lower 48. Note the door did not kick them in the ass. Did you hear a bang?

I say it again: all of this, combined with the Alberta/Federal lack of leadership, is kicking our butts at home. Trudeau grossly misjudged Trump, and continues to do so. Trudeau’s track record speaks volumes; he has lost ground in talks and negotiations with every world leader he has met. The last major screw-up was, and still is, with China. What’s next?

Both Trump and Trudeau are good at what they do. Trump continues to win at “Making America Great Again” while “Drama Queen” Trudeau continues to loose at everything.

Justin Trudeau is a walking, talking definition of an idiot. He is incompetent and a danger to Canada, and needs to go!

Trudeau brings a new perspective to the acronym “FUBAR”.

Charlie Williams