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Letters to the Editor

Will ‘doubling down’ work in the future?

What this government does or doesn’t do now will have effects decades into the future.

Health care cuts hurt Albertans

Honour the lifesaving physicians and health care workers in our province.

Thank you to grocery store employees, true heroes in this crisis

Your people in turn got up and faced the deep concern every day by being on the front line. They said goodbye to family and headed in to face a daunting situation serving those that needed food on the table.

You can't trust members of the Reform Party

If that wasn’t bad enough now we have another Liberal turned Reformer in Jason Kenney treating his supporters like morons while he plays the same mind games his hero Ralph Klein played on us with the same results another “horrific mess” as Lougheed called Klein’s.

REBUTTAL: COVID-19, the reality of preparedness

The complexity of this problem is beyond any world experience. No country has been ready for this virus and contrary to Mr. Cunin’s implausible rhetoric, could they be expected to be.

A point of clarification

Without exception governments have failed to put the needs of people ahead of their own perceived self-interest. The irony is that this insular response will cost their nations far in excess of what could have been avoided both in terms of economic loss and human lives!

Protect your hands and stop the spread

Parking in front of a store in Cochrane, while my wife went shopping, I could see the people going in and out and touching the door handles without protection of their hands. Among 50, only three wore gloves.

Reality, political spin, and the future - the true price of rhetoric

Could this change, of course it could, but if you listen to the media you would think the world is coming to an end and we should all be afraid of an imminent horrific death. Even people who can still find toilet paper are not immune.

Dire straits for Alberta Parks

The public should be deeply concerned about the fate of its outdoor recreation, especially in the hard-hit and ecologically sensitive Eastern Slopes region.

Durrell argument makes no sense

Mr. Durrell, global capital markets are a problem because of ideologies held by the Trudeau Liberals, the NDP, the Greens and the foreign funders, (Bilderbergers), who don’t care about prosperity for Canadians. In my opinion, investors are being hoodwinked by climate alarmists including Mark Carney.