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Letters to the Editor

Twinning 1A west is absurd

To suggest that Highway 1A between Cochrane and Morley should be twined is absurd! There is not that much traffic on it and there is a major east west corridor called the TransCanada highway, the highway that is in urgent twinning is Highway 22 south

UCP government not as rosy as some think

The reality of our new government is not as rosy as they would have you believe.

What does Reeve have to hide?

As Canada Day passed this year I was left with growing concern about the threat to the democratic principles that I have always believed were the cornerstone and the heart of Canadian society, regardless of political stripe.

It’s time for Cochrane to choose solar power

It was terrific to see the small town of Raymond, southern Alberta being so proactive in the battle against climate change by installing enough solar panels to provide a full 100 per cent of the town’s entire electricity needs by clean, cheap,

Frontline government jobs are not the problem

Lin Gackle continues her ongoing demands for more government public service spending programs and opposes solidly researched reasoning for their reduction or elimination.

UCP causing funding challenges for Rocky View Schools

The new UCP government was elected in mid-April on promises to maintain or increase Education funding, but until this week, would not say if that included funding for student population growth or not.

Allow electric bikes in Alberta parks

This is in regards to the prohibition of electric bikes in some Alberta parks and wilderness areas while mountain bikes are allowed. We are asking for the right for seniors to use these bikes.

Stop spraying poison

On June 4, I observed a lady on a quad spraying 2, 4 D on dandelions in the park in Cochrane. She was covered in a cloud of the spray whenever she was travelling with the wind.

Klein was no hero

L. Leugner called Ralph Klein a hero and learned absolutely nothing from the privatization disaster he created for this province. "Government jobs do not produce wealth.

Terrible display of public consultation

I certainly take exception to the “trial balloon form of public consultation” process employed by Coun. Morgan Nagel as well as the content of the message.