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Letters to the Editor

Wealthy, married and financial advisors gaslight on 'personal responsibilty'

Lori could take ‘personal responsibility’ by working till age 65, reducing excessive spending and saving that money to be used if husband dies early. How about paying fair share of taxes and Lori maintaining frugal standard of living that many singles never married have to live every day of their lives?

Canada is the only country in the world whose people permit international organizations to destroy its economy

The double standards and absence of Canadian leadership to stop international environmentalists interference in Alberta’s economic future is beyond comprehension.

UCP Policy and Political Grandstanding Lost AB the Teck Mine

It is clear in Teck’s letter that we could stand to have a bit more of that “social license” that the NDP worked so hard to build, and that the UCP tore down faster than Klein could blow up hospitals.

Rebuttal: Socialism defined

While the Leugners whine about what Notley was spending to fix the mess the Klein, Stelmach and Redford governments left us in they conveniently ignore the massive Orphan Well mess Klein created for us and ignore what Jason Kenney is promising to do to us.

Socialism defined

Socialism is a flawed philosophy that destroys the human spirit and its desire to achieve, while curtailing self reliance, freedom and personal responsibility.

Only a vibrant economy will sustain strong social programs

Anyone who believes that we can borrow our way to prosperity is a fool.

The more we talk, the better educated we are on the topics of gun ownership

I’m writing in response to the opinion expressed by Dan Cunin in your February 13th edition of “Cochrane Eagle”. I would like to voice an appreciation for disclosing his point of view in public.

Stop those that are trying to stop the pipelines

I’d really like to know why the current Indigenous pipeline blockades aren’t being broken up by the authorities? These “protests” aren’t even licensed and, more to the point, aren’t even legal.

Climate change must take centre stage

The Canadian News Media Association received $14.4 million to peddle the mainstream climate change message.

UCP's Television and Film Tax Credit Program will hurt Alberta

If the UCP is serious in wanting to create a healthy Alberta film industry they need to scrap annual and per-project caps.