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Letters to the Editor

Boycott Cochrane gas stations

Next time Cochrane residents are in Calgary or other area communities, be sure to fill up your gas tanks, but please avoid the big players who determine our prices. Those companies are treating those of us who live in Cochrane with total disrespect.

Poor consultation approach by Nagel

I certainly take exception to the “trial balloon form of public consultation” process employed by Coun. Morgan Nagel as well as the content of the message.

We are being held ransom by gas stations

I thought the recent cartoon submitted by Bruce Sinski to the Cochrane Eagle last week ( pg 15 ) was dead on regarding unjustified gasoline pricing in Cochrane compared to other areas including Calgary, Airdrie and Okotoks.

Stop with misinformed rants

If Bobbie Norman thinks a Drama teacher (who actually taught Math and French) isn't smart enough to be Prime Minister, perhaps they can explain how someone with one of those useless Arts degrees and no job experience outside politics (Andrew Sche

Glad a discussion on roads is happening

It is with mixed feelings of trepidation and relief that I write this article. First there’s relief. Finally there’s the possibility of a discussion on ‘Cochrane made’ ideas to fix our growing traffic issues.

Some things should not be privatized

Mr. L. Leugner’s May 16, 2019 opinion letter shows his true colorus and is based on just one sad fact, that money is more important than service jobs.

Don't fall for Trudeau's apple polishing

About six months before the recent Alberta elections, I had a conversation with some friends. The gist of this discourse was basically how much and in what ways the Rachel Notley government would try and “suck up” to the Alberta voters.

Cochrane angels

am hoping that you can publish this letter so that I can express my appreciation to Carol and Frank, two guardian angels, who live in your community.

Stealth taxes and carbon levies

Government jobs do not produce wealth