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Letters to the Editor

Kenney’s government a massive failure for Alberta’s youth

Sadly, evidence is showing that our youth, in the eyes of the UCP, are nothing more than an expendable line item, therefore not worth his time to support.

When will the phone scams end?

I have to admit, February 7th 2020 will be the day silence came to our home. Not in the usual ways you may think. Today is the first day in 38 years that my land line will no longer ring; we have cancelled our home phone.

There are good people living in Cochrane

What a wonderful thing to do.

Look for the positive things

So let’s remember to look for the positive things that are getting accomplished and remember to thank those that are making it happen.

Personal financial systems need to fairly represent singles

Much more is required like a major revamp of Canadian and provincial personal financial systems so that singles are fairly and equally represented.

Rest in peace dear Phineas, and know you were loved

Who knows maybe you could've helped if something could have been done to save him.

What is the best way to control gun violence? Or Is banning assault rifles an attack on everyday Albertans or just common sense?

Canada seems to have found an adequate compromise in controlling firearm violence but I agree that more work needs to be done.

Rebuttal to cartoonist ‘Stache’ Sinski’s criticism of Trump

While I won’t go as far as Mr. Davies by suggesting Mr. Sinski is a terrorist sympathizer, any suggestion that Trump’s actions caused the deaths of 57 Canadians is ludicrous.

My journey of healing

There is so much more to the journey of self healing but I am sharing for a reason.

Rebuttal to Terrorist Sympathizer

Where was Trump’s protection in the recent killing of 57 innocent Canadians and many others aboard an innocent Ukraine airliner mistaken for a “threatening American air attack” in retaliation to Trump's boasting and killing of Iranian terrorist General Soleimani?