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Letters to the Editor

Feeling ignored in Heartland

The residents of Heartland in Cochrane are increasingly growing concerned that our safety is not being made a priority. Currently there is no safe walking access out of the community.

A raise for town council?

Town council raise? At a time when the provincial economy is struggling and there does not appear to be a light at the end of the financial tunnel, why would council even consider giving themselves a raise? All the elected councillors who pursued thi

Observations of the 2020-2022 budget

Concern in the Heartland

I am a concerned resident in Heartland Cochrane. I moved here in 2013. The Horse Creek rail crossing has been a topic of conversation and concern since then.

Peter Guthrie is on the right track with Bill 207 — but he needs to keep going

First they came for Don Cherry

A call out to MLA Peter Guthrie

Today there was a bill tabled to fire the Elections Commissioner, who is currently investigating the UCP leadership race. This can only be described as political interference in the investigation, and an affront to democracy.

REBUTTAL: Where is the UCP taking us?

You get what you paid for

Local contractors let resident down

I am a local resident recently returning from eight years away from Canada. Over the past months I have been observing the changes in our community. Upon returning to Cochrane our home, which had been rented, was in need of repair.