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Letters to the Editor

Tough times call for tough measures

Tough times call for tough measures and it would seem Jason Kenney is prepared to do just that.

Kindness is universal

The family of Rifleman Joe Poucette who was killed in action during the Second World War, would like to express their immense gratitude to the family who paid for our family's meal.

Big or small, decisions must look at the future

I have always had a passion for politics with an unwavering faith in the value of comprehensive policy that has a long term focus. However, the ‘long term’ approach seems to be increasingly replaced by short term ideology.

Thank you for supporting Cochrane's Step 'n Stride

The Parkinson Association of Alberta would like to thank everyone who participated in our 7th Annual Flexxaire Parkinson Step ‘n Stride on September 8th at Mitford Park.

Saving Manachaban Hill (Big Hill)

Rather than dwell on the development issues I would rather like to talk about a minimum disturbance development option that is personally more inspiring to me and I believe to future generations of Cochranites.

Thank you to all the generous businesses of Cochrane that supported the Dogs with Wings Gala in Edmonton

Thank you to all the generous businesses of Cochrane that supported the Dogs with Wings Gala in Edmonton. The idea was to bring Edmontonians to Cochrane to experience all this amazing town and its people have to offer.

Canada is the epitome of a fractured nation

The Western Canadian voices demanding separation are getting louder and for very good reason.

I’m a unionist because it has improved the lives of many

I would like to reply to L. Tex Leugner I am a socialist, I belong to a union. I identify as a socialist because I believe in health care that is free to all paid for by my taxes.

A few overlooked points about Albertan/Canadian oil & gas

Our debate on this topic, much like our politics has become too polarized and emotionally charged. Let's put our heads together and find the best solution to this energy transition that is a win for all Canadians and the world.

Separatism or Optimism