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Letters to the Editor

Glad a discussion on roads is happening

It is with mixed feelings of trepidation and relief that I write this article. First there’s relief. Finally there’s the possibility of a discussion on ‘Cochrane made’ ideas to fix our growing traffic issues.

Some things should not be privatized

Mr. L. Leugner’s May 16, 2019 opinion letter shows his true colorus and is based on just one sad fact, that money is more important than service jobs.

Don't fall for Trudeau's apple polishing

About six months before the recent Alberta elections, I had a conversation with some friends. The gist of this discourse was basically how much and in what ways the Rachel Notley government would try and “suck up” to the Alberta voters.

Cochrane angels

am hoping that you can publish this letter so that I can express my appreciation to Carol and Frank, two guardian angels, who live in your community.

Stealth taxes and carbon levies

Government jobs do not produce wealth

Bill 262 must be passed

Kenney will not help Alberta

One of our senior friends in our coffee circle nailed it. Just a day after we had all helped Notley get elected in 2015 he said she would never get re-elected in 2019.

Public sector jobs do not equal socialism

The Fraser Institute's “The Illusion of Alberta’s Job Recovery” has to be one of the most gaslighting reports ever produced.

Victimization runs rampant

Western democratic countries are beginning to suffer a serious problem brought on solely by their selfish citizens. Lately we hear cries of victimization or discrimination that in turn apparently create more victims.