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Letters to the Editor

Judicial review opposite to democracy

Recently, the town council voted unanimously to defeat the development on the Jones Estate. This was a result of public consultation and input.

UCP has vision to improve Alberta

Comments that our provincial election campaign is being drawn into a “less than civil place” may be true, but it is not because of Jason Kenney and the United Conservative Party – the UCP’s platform and campaign remain focused on addressing Alberta’s

We love our life at Big Hill

Dear editor, How are you? We seniors at the local lodge residence (Big Hil Lodge) enjoy the life here. Sandra Robin, the manager here even distributed huge chocolate Valentine's to all the residents and staff. Life is good here.

People are ignoring reality

Having read recent letters in the Cochrane Eagle, I feel that I must respond to the continuous messages from the corporate whine cellar. Writers seem to be entirely unaware of events in the world around them. A few updates are required: 1.

Alberta is in bad shape, despite rose coloured glasses

I challenge Mr. Colclough's Feb. 28 letter that a carbon levy is acceptable because we have no provincial sales tax or health care premiums.

The lily pad problem

On Feb. 19, 2019 Devon Energy announced it was exiting Canada by the end of the year no matter what. In its news release, it talked about how great the US market was. It made no mention as to why it was leaving Canada outside of strong US plays.

We are watching Notley

On Feb. 5, Premier Notely graced the screens of Canadians via the CBC to talk about many things. One of the things she touched on was how she stands up for Albertans to the Federal Government.

Sidewalks are for people

The editorial in the Feb. 27 Cochrane Eagle bemoans the fact that there are too many drivers who will not drive safely in school zones. As a child I was a victim of a car pedestrian collision, which was entirely my fault.

Rumours hurt business owners

I am writing to the Cochrane Eagle rather than feed the negativity of the local online 'gossip' site(s).

More climate of truth with critical thinking is needed

Many editorial and opinion letters continue to spout diatribes about socialism and promote a climate of charitable organization praise while quoting biblical verses and stating there always will be the poor.