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Letters to the Editor

Driving a wedge in our community.

"Right"eous mindset. A rebuttal to "Please keep crosswalks as crosswalks".

When blonde, celiac or flat-footed people have experienced the kind of oppression, marginalization and abuse that members of the LGBTQ2S+ community have, then I'm all for finding ways to reflect that struggle and draw awareness to the lack of equ


Calling Mr. Blake Richards?

Please keep crosswalks as crosswalks.

Please, keep the crosswalks as crosswalks.

Fashion Show to Support the Stephen Lewis Foundation

An opportunity to see the latest in fashion and offer support to children orphaned by the HIV & AIDS crisis in Africa is coming to Cochrane.

Great job Mayor Genung on Cochrane's future innovation centre.

Jeff Genung, our mayor, with his vision and foresight will be turning Cochrane into a major player in the high-tech industry.

Thank you to our volunteers.

Thank you to all the amazing volunteers that put together the 1st Cochrane Culture Fest last Sunday at the Lions Event Centre! Thanks to their efforts, close to 700 people were able to enjoy learning about their neighbours.
Our election options are terrible

Our election options are terrible

I have never been so concerned about the future of Canada.

There is no justification for what Trudeau has done to Alberta’s economy

David Werrett missed the point.