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Letters to the Editor

My journey of healing

There is so much more to the journey of self healing but I am sharing for a reason.

Rebuttal to Terrorist Sympathizer

Where was Trump’s protection in the recent killing of 57 innocent Canadians and many others aboard an innocent Ukraine airliner mistaken for a “threatening American air attack” in retaliation to Trump's boasting and killing of Iranian terrorist General Soleimani?

Lin Gackle Rebuttal: Canada’s personal financial system is broken

Where and whenever possible, citizens must be willing to look after themselves and each other, rather than expect some level of government to do it.

Forcing doctors to 'run a Minit-Lube type service'

Dear Mr. Guthrie: Knowing that our health care system will continue to need increased rather than decreased funding to operate satisfactorily, I cannot understand why your government thinks there are $262 million dollars that can be surplused.

Frustrated with 'vacuous, chest-beating broadsheets'

Blake Richards has been auto-elected four times into the Wild Rose or Banff-Airdrie riding even though his tenure has been boringly lacklustre. Certainly this long-standing Conservative has never been suggested as leadership material.

Rebuttal to Terrorist Sympathizer “Stache Sinski”

The Canadian Personal Finanacial System is broken

Winters Photographics the latest victim of the creative destruction of technology

As we wanted to duplicate some family photo albums I went to Winters Photographics, only to discover it was closing and leaving the business. I am sorry to see them go.

Constitutional reform or Alberta Separation is inevitable

Two observations on reaction to 'thoughts on filling up . . . '

I would like to comment on two observations in Bruce Bladon's reaction to my thoughts on filling up our gasoline tanks. The first is that there are tens of thousands of scientists who disagree with global warming caused by CO2.