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Letters to the Editor

Loyalty: What comes first?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau kicked Jody Wilson-Raybould and Dr. Jane Philpott out of Liberal Party caucus for their lack of loyalty to himself and the Liberal party. That is my understanding and that’s the perception many have.

We live in a wonderful town

Thank you! There are many good reasons for living in Cochrane, but the best reason is the people. Last week, my 86-year-old mother was walking near Walmart and was crossing the street with her walker when she hit some gravel and fell.

Political rhetoric threatening lives

Letter to the people of Alberta who will be going to the polls to determine the future of this province at a very critical time. In 1917, Senator Hiram Johnson wrote, “The first casualty when war comes, is truth.

Vote with your head

It’s a sad, sad state of affairs when the Alberta voter’s only choice at the polls is to put a check mark next to the name of “anybody other than a candidate from the current NDP leadership.

The elite sabotage politics and higher learning

Many are disillusioned by the all powerful financial and political control that elites have. Winners Take All by Anand Giriharadas provides thought provoking ideas on how elites have changed public thought.

Alberta's socialists need dose of reality

Neille Hawkwood should apply “a little dose of reality” to her thinking. She claims correctly that the Earth’s climate is changing. That’s where her reality ends. She claims the energy boom times are over. Wrong.

Judicial review opposite to democracy

Recently, the town council voted unanimously to defeat the development on the Jones Estate. This was a result of public consultation and input.

UCP has vision to improve Alberta

Comments that our provincial election campaign is being drawn into a “less than civil place” may be true, but it is not because of Jason Kenney and the United Conservative Party – the UCP’s platform and campaign remain focused on addressing Alberta’s

We love our life at Big Hill

Dear editor, How are you? We seniors at the local lodge residence (Big Hil Lodge) enjoy the life here. Sandra Robin, the manager here even distributed huge chocolate Valentine's to all the residents and staff. Life is good here.

People are ignoring reality

Having read recent letters in the Cochrane Eagle, I feel that I must respond to the continuous messages from the corporate whine cellar. Writers seem to be entirely unaware of events in the world around them. A few updates are required: 1.