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Letters to the Editor

Mandel has no chance

I certainly agree that no one should entertain Stephen Mandel after what he did to Edmontonians as mayor. There is nothing democratic about this guy.

Kenney is not a true Conservative

Apparently Lloyd Leugner hasn't been talking to any of the lawyers, accountants, oilmen, bankers or former MLAs that my friends and I have been talking to over the years.

Letter writer seems to be selective in criticism

Mr. Leugner, somehow you continue to invite conflict in almost every letter that I’ve seen you write.

Letter writer misleads on Bill C-69

I welcome the opportunity to correct Ms. Kohn on the issues she called me on, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Bill C-69 that if passed will literally destroy future industrial development, particularly the oil, gas and mining industries.

Alberta's diversification seems lacking in areas

Along with my wife - who grew up in Springbank - I moved to Alberta 1.5 years ago, with the intention to settle here permanently even though it meant I’d have to leave my old occupation behind.

Resources for women are available

Responding to your editorial in last week's edition, we appreciate the coverage your paper has provided on the issue of domestic violence in recent months.

Amazing example of forgiveness

Today I am in awe of a man who I have never known but who I am sure will be soon become an unwilling Canadian hero. The person I am talking about is Mr.

Historic roots are important

It was with great sadness that I read your article about the “rebranding” of the Nan Boothby Memorial Library.

Don’t blame the Conservatives for Alberta’s energy mess

The liberal socialists are again blaming Alberta Conservatives for our trapped energy and these people have short memories. Mr. Spiller tells us that the Conservatives “invited the world to come for our almost free oil.

UCP will threaten LGBTQ2+ rights

Although Ron Voss’ letter to the editor was published on Nov. 28, recent comments made by United Conservative Party leader Jason Kenney have compelled me to write a response.