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Letters to the Editor

We are watching Notley

On Feb. 5, Premier Notely graced the screens of Canadians via the CBC to talk about many things. One of the things she touched on was how she stands up for Albertans to the Federal Government.

Sidewalks are for people

The editorial in the Feb. 27 Cochrane Eagle bemoans the fact that there are too many drivers who will not drive safely in school zones. As a child I was a victim of a car pedestrian collision, which was entirely my fault.

Rumours hurt business owners

I am writing to the Cochrane Eagle rather than feed the negativity of the local online 'gossip' site(s).

More climate of truth with critical thinking is needed

Many editorial and opinion letters continue to spout diatribes about socialism and promote a climate of charitable organization praise while quoting biblical verses and stating there always will be the poor.

Carbon Levy is not the monster propaganda makes it

Much of the dissatisfaction in the current political environment, revolves around the Federal Carbon Legislation, and Alberta's Carbon Levy.

Age is irrelevant: a record of incompetent governance is not

Age is not an issue. Whether you are 19 or 29, age is not important when wondering about the qualifications of any person regardless if it is for a corporate position or as an elected official.

Dog owners need to be more responsible

I just came in from a walk with my dog in which we visited two of the town's off leash parks. What is supposed to be a relaxing, enjoyable excursion is growing increasingly frustrating day-by-day.

Town services an ongoing disappointment

I got a call this morning from the Town of Cochrane waste and recycling, as my husband had left an inquiry as to why our recycling hadn’t been picked up on Friday, there was no note.

Whose human spirit is suffering?

Interesting placement of letters in the Feb.14 Cochrane Eagle . One using misinformation to justify a turn away from socialism (L.Leugner), and the other addressing how misinformation causes a mob mentality (Jacques Sauve).

Cochrane RancheHouse Hosts Watershed Resilience Workshop

Special to the Eagle by Judy Stewart Every spring, the Bow River Basin Council (BRBC) hosts a spring workshop on emerging policies, legislation or implementation tools that may have significant impacts on sustaining the resiliency of the Bow River.