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Letters to the Editor

Good Samaritan Santa saves the day

Any other viable solutions out there for Alberta's fiscal picture?

I would be very curious to know exactly what all the “boo-birds” out there (criticizing Jason Kenney’s new budget), have to offer up as a more viable solution to getting Alberta’s fiscal picture “back into the frame&rdqu

Task force removal not in the best interests of Cochrane

Canada’s federal debt will soon be out of control

But, will this help?

Good on ya' folks

I have been a huge supporter of trying to get Albertans to stand up or rebel against Justin Trudeau’s Liberal trashing of our province from the day he first got elected. I might add to no avail.

Thank you Cochrane!

On September 25 there was an electrical fire in our home that rendered it uninhabitable for at least six months. I wanted to express my sincere gratitude towards so many in our community.

Feeling ignored in Heartland

The residents of Heartland in Cochrane are increasingly growing concerned that our safety is not being made a priority. Currently there is no safe walking access out of the community.

A raise for town council?

Town council raise? At a time when the provincial economy is struggling and there does not appear to be a light at the end of the financial tunnel, why would council even consider giving themselves a raise? All the elected councillors who pursued thi

Observations of the 2020-2022 budget