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Letters to the Editor

Cochrane council’s remuneration committee has bad optics

Bad optics

We must vote the Liberals out of office in the next elections

Liberals must go.

Keeping the peace

I was in Cochrane on Monday to pick up my grandson and for the first time I navigated the detour in Riversong. Not being local I found it difficult to navigate and eventually ended up having a conversation with Cochrane Peace Officers (their idea).

Kindness did not go unnoticed

Thank you SO much.

Electric shock therapy civil suit

Lawsuits taking place on a national level around the devices used in the practice of electroshock or ECT.

Let’s Compare UCP spending cuts with NDP financial stupidity

NDP Socialist Steve Durrell, (who lost the recent election in the Airdrie/Cochrane constituency), is bragging about the fact that the Alberta deficit is $2 Billion less than originally forecast.

Liberals need to be voted out

I’ve been following a number of “election polls” here in Canada of late just to get a feel for what I’m hoping is a landslide victory for the Conservative Party in the upcoming Federal election.

Twinning 1A west is absurd

To suggest that Highway 1A between Cochrane and Morley should be twined is absurd! There is not that much traffic on it and there is a major east west corridor called the TransCanada highway, the highway that is in urgent twinning is Highway 22 south

UCP government not as rosy as some think

The reality of our new government is not as rosy as they would have you believe.

What does Reeve have to hide?

As Canada Day passed this year I was left with growing concern about the threat to the democratic principles that I have always believed were the cornerstone and the heart of Canadian society, regardless of political stripe.