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Letters to the Editor

Facebook needs some new emojis for Eagle articles

Hello. I am very much enjoying each issue of Friday Findings and the daily online local news. For much of the year it is my primary access to Cochrane area events.

Rebuttal: Newsletter an 'empty, bombastic rant'

Blake Richards was describing how many Albertans feel and Marshall needs a lesson in reality.

Trudeau continues his destructive yard sale of Alberta

The intent of the tax is to encourage people to drive less and make efforts to reduce their so-called carbon footprint. Can Trudeau or any of his thugs explain why anyone would take any action to do either when they get a rebate of the tax paid?

Taken aback by Ronnie's passing

Cochrane has maintained its small town vibe thanks in large part to the tireless volunteer and promotional efforts of Cochranites like Ronnie.

Tax-dollar supported newsletter delivers 'empty, bombastic rant'

There is a legitimate point to be made that we shouldn’t be investing vast amounts in pipelines and other oil infrastructure when mass alternative energy sources are gaining ground that could benefit Alberta.

Canada’s carbon tax based on a lie

Trudeau and his environmentalist thugs will implement a national carbon tax in January 2020. He continues to point to the success of the carbon tax in British Columbia, but a lie is still a lie and Trudeau is still lying.

Re: Filling up: Numbers and Thoughts

Since we are burning roughly two trillion litres of gasoline per year, producing some 3.45 trillion kg of CO2, shouldn’t we long ago have suffocated in CO2?

Thank you from the Cochrane and Area Events Society

An extra set of hands to the rescue

Crude, Rude, Entitled Anti Social Behavior

The young people I know, or come in contact with, have always been polite, hardworking, and intelligent.