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Letters to the Editor

Should campaign funding be revealed prior to elections?

Dear editor: I was glad to see the Cochrane Eagle take an interest and publish the financing sources of election campaigns. This was a topic I spoke about at a forum during the election campaign last fall 2013.

Stop expense chatter

Dear editor: I don’t normally write letters to the local paper, in fact I never have before, but I feel compelled to comment on the brouhaha regarding the mayor and councillor’s expenses and the letters from certain losers from the last civic electio

Unsuccessful candidates need to cease all the 'nitpicking'

Dear editor: Are some former/unsuccessful council candidates sore losers or just nitpickers? I agree that all our elected representatives should be accountable for the taxpayer funds they spend on our behalf.

Fire safety vital to protecting Cochrane families; tools need to be available

Dear editor: I am a Cochrane resident, homeowner and new parent, and I recently learned that two of my coworkers lost family members in two separate house fires in Calgary, coincidentally in the same week.

Volunteer night a community success

Dear editor: I want to express a big giant thank you to the staff from Cochrane Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) and other local businesses who threw a party for us volunteers at the Cochrane Movie House April 5.

Former council candidate questions mayor's expenses

Dear editor: It is nice to see a new standard of transparency for our elected officials in Cochrane.

Youth C3 Event packed with activities

Dear editor: The amazing C3 Event is happening March 21 from 2-9 p.m. at the Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre. C3 stands for ‘Compete, Connect, Communicate – Together We Make A Difference.

Family helped by giving nature of Cochrane residents

Dear editor: A few months ago, I had some very dear friends of mine lose their 12-year-old daughter to childhood leukemia totally unexpectedly. It crushed their hearts and those around them…myself being one of them.

Grieving mother hopes roadside memorials are not banned

Dear editor: From one grieving mom to another: I understand there have been rumblings about your son’s roadside memorial.

BVHS students immersed in French culture

Dear editor: On March 3, my Bow Valley High School Grade 10 French class was able to go to the Wild Wild West Event Centre with teacher Mrs. Marnie Sterling for a taste of French culture.