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Letters to the Editor

4-H club members focus on public speaking skills

Dear editor: Re: Big Hill West Light Horse 4-H Club public speaking competition On Feb. 8, the Big Hill West Light Horse 4-H Club held its annual Communications Day. This is a day when club members speak and present on a topic of their choice.

A horse is a horse, of course

Dear editor: It is sad that some folks will spend their time, money and expertise publicly and blatantly to find/finance land for “wild” horses and try to give them a longer, better life on no less than 80 acres…totally shows how misinformed and uned

Aquatic and curling projects more than meets the eye

Dear editor: Olympic gold for Canada’s women and men’s curling! Hockey is Canada’s sport, soccer has a huge following, but it won’t be long before kids and adults who don’t play hockey or soccer are envisioning themselves as representing Canada and g

Community needs to keep building for the future

Dear editor: I can only sit here and think that people need to come out to see how many kids are enjoying curling and swimming and being active in the community.

Apology to mayor warranted following 'cynical' letter to the editor

Dear editor: In a Feb. 19 letter to the editor in one of our local newspapers, Dan Cunin, yet again, is running for council in the 2018 election starting now. His enthusiasm to find fault at every turn of this new council is tiring at best.

Clarifications on Curling Club figures

Dear editor: There are a few points of clarification required concerning last week’s letter to the editor regarding the new Curling Club in my opinion. 1) “Recently opened new curling rinks/expansion into larger facilities.

Reader questions need for new curling club

Dear editor: The recent carte blanche endorsement by the Cochrane’s Curling Club board of directors for the probable expenditure of up to $10 million for a new curling rink warrants a rebuttal since members of the curling club were not consulted thro

Fireside ice removal ongoing task

Dear editor: Finally the town is doing something about the Fireside development, but they really need to get its priorities right.

New curling club excites board of directors

Dear editor: In response to recent letters to the editor in local newspapers, the board of directors for the Cochrane Curling Club wants the community to know that it fully supports the move to a new facility at the Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports

Aquatic/curling facility plans too lofty?

Dear editor: Regarding the $45 million budget for the curling and aquatic facilities: As a Cochrane taxpayer and curler, I would like to offer a few comments on the above.