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Letters to the Editor

Time to get M.A.D.D.?

Dear Editor: Are you M.A.D.D. about drunk driving in and around Cochrane? We are survivors of a drunk driver; we lost our 19-year-old son Sept. 6, 2004. Not a day goes by that we don’t think about him — it changes your life forever.

'No transit' should be option

Dear Editor: I attended the transit open house on March 6. Pretty sparse attendance was my first observation. The first thing I asked was whether ‘no transit’ was to be one of the options. I was assured that absolutely it was an option.

Two special ladies part of what makes town great

Dear Editor: Cochrane is such a great town; I knew it, but it was re-enforced the morning of March 7. At about 7:10 a.m.

Bigger stores not always better, reader

Dear Editor: I love Cochrane. I love the small town feel. I love our amazing views. I love our proximity to big-city Calgary and the Rocky Mountains. I love walking around the small shops on Main Street.

Fire did not hinder business at foundry

Dear Editor: The fire at Studio West Bronze Foundry and Art Gallery that destroyed Don and Shirley Begg’s sculpture studio did not affect the bronze foundry, nor their art gallery.

Reader provides some turbine stats

Dear Editor: It is awesome to hear that the students at Cochrane High are learning about sustainable energy, and that they even got David Suzuki to visit them.

There are many reasons why CAES exists

Dear Editor: Before the Cochrane & Area Events Society (CAES) there was no WinterFest or SummerFest or anything like it, and the Labour Day parade was in limbo — with no one willing to take it on and meet the new demands for legal organization from t

Dog obedience is the sole responsibility of the dog owner, says reader

Dear Editor: How many times have you seen a child being dragged along by an enthusiastic canine companion with no adult in sight? These children are set loose to walk the family dog, with little or no ability to subdue or redirect the animal should p

Fracturing report contained misleading statements, reader says

Dear Editor: In reading the article related to horizontal hydraulic fracturing in the last issue of the Cochrane Eagle, I must suggest that you make some effort toward fair and balanced reporting by printing articles where other opinions are given eq

Real data available to support climate change believers

Dear Editor: In his letter published in the Jan. 23 Cochrane Eagle, Brian Davis makes a few points which are commonly made by the dwindling number of climate change deniers.