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Letters to the Editor

Right to Play CEO thanks town for ongoing support

Dear Editor: On behalf of Right To Play, I would like to thank the Town of Cochrane for their phenomenal support and belief in the power of sport and play to transform lives.

Many local individuals answering the call to help others

Dear Editor: In response to Jane White’s letter to the editor,"Reader confused by column", in the December 5, 2012 edition of the Cochrane Eagle and Cochrane Times, I am once again struck by the poignancy of the words spoken by John F.

Art show a big success

Dear Editor: On behalf of the Arts and Culture Foundation of Cochrane (ACFC), we would like to thank the artists, volunteers and sponsors (The Cochrane Eagle and Town of Cochrane) who were part of the ACFC Christmas Arts Show and Sale.

Programs will help families in need

Dear Editor: Christmas is a time to celebrate community and to put others before ourselves.

Reader proud to see 'bold spirit' of CHS students

Dear Editor: The freedom to openly share our views and beliefs is a great thing about living in Canada.

Reader thrilled with the kick-off to the Christmas season in Cochrane

Dear Editor: What a kick off! This past weekend we launched fully into our Share Your Christmas campaign. Several Christmas markets were held and food/money was collected as admission.

Reader concerned by motives behind Cochrane High's wind turbine project

Dear Editor: I do not live anywhere near Cochrane Heights, but as I read about Stephanie Bennett's crusade to get a wind turbine erected at Cochrane High School, I wonder about her motives.

Thanks for the helping hand

Dear Editor: This year’s Light Up is over for one more year.

Warm Water Therapy recommended for post-operative patients

Dear Editor: I am a physiotherapist who is working in the area of hip and knee replacement. I regularly recommend warm water aquacize classes to patients pre-operatively or for those patients who do not need surgery at this time.

Timmy the snowman looking for a place to call home

Dear Editor: In what is surely the most heartbreaking story yet to develop this winter, a WinterFest papier-mâché snowman, affectionately named ‘Timmy’, has been left behind.