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Cenotaph fundraising box to see three different locations in Cochrane

The large Cenotaph Fundraising Box will be heading to three locations around Cochrane. All proceeds raised over the next couple weeks will go toward completing some key elements that have been on the agenda.
(Left) Jon Cornish, Jeff Genung, Roy Genung, Dan Kroffat, and Blake Richards smile for the camera after unveiling the large Cenotaph Fundraising box.

Cochrane's cenotaph park was a fitting location to unveil a large fundraising box which will go toward completing its upgrades that began two years ago.

Cowboy Dan Kroffat is no stranger to always having a bright new idea locked and loaded to share with the community. His newest endeavour is one that will benefit the parks' progress.

"I am a strong believer in advocating grass roots initiatives and I always say that these undertakings, these initiatives, are only supportive if the community rallies behind them," said Kroffat.

Created by Roy Genung, father of Cochrane's mayor Jeff Genung, the cenotaph fundraising box is one of great craftsmanship and size. Over the next two weeks the cenotaph fundraising box will be at three different locations around the community with the intention of collecting donations that will ultimately finish off some esthetics at the park. Kroffat said the cenotaph box is not to be confused with the poppy drive which will be happening in the coming weeks. This is an independent project.

According to Dave Usherwood, first vice-president of the Cochrane Legion, the completion of the cenotaph remains a work in progress adding landscaping and water maintenance are always ongoing tasks. He said the town has stepped forward and agreed to put in the bases for the future park benches and now all that needs to be done is purchasing them. 

"The vendor wants money which is fully understood, and he's cut the price down so where we were talking two benches the budget allows us to now have three and depending on what Dan comes up with we might get a fourth," explains Usherwood. "I'd like to put a naming stone in place but we have to work the Historical Society of Cochrane and it's a process."

Usherwood goes on to say the cenotaph still does not have an official name and while they have been talking with the Cochrane Historical and Archival and Preservation Society they declined their first name choice of "The Cochrane Alberta Cenotaph Park" and have yet to present him with alternatives.

Usherwood remains optimistic about the progress of the cenotaph crediting its success over the years to Cochranites.

"Donations are phenomenal and the community is very supportive of the Legion, of the cenotaph, of the military."

Mayor Jeff Genung called up Dan Kroffat during the presentation and thanked him for everything he does for the community adding "It's guys like this that get us to rally together. This one is an easy one to get on board with, supporting the Legion and finishing the cenotaph park here today it's just another example of everything you are doing, so thank you."

On October 21 at noon the cenotaph fundraising box will be brought back to the park where it will be opened to reveal how much money was raised. 

This cenotaph initiative would not be possible without the support from three sponsors. The first sponsor is McDonald's where the cenotaph fundraising box will be on Oct. 12. The second is Cochrane Toyota who will have the fundraising box at its location on Oct.14 and the final sponsor and location for the box is Coffee Traders on Oct.19.

Blake Richards was in attendance as well and he encouraged everyone to "Give generously if you can because it is important that we remember those sacrifices that were made for us."


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