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Check out today's gas prices

Cochrane gas prices dip again
gas prices

Cochranites can fillup for under a dollar this morning at Husky Chevron and Fas Gas, where has gas listed at 99.9 cents per litre. Gas plus in Sunset has the highest pump prices in town at 107.9 cents per litre. Calgary prices are as low as 94.9 cents per litre this morning at Costco, but the majority of stations are selling gas between 96.9 cents per litre to 99.9 cents per litre. 

Diesel in Cochrane is selling at 109.9 cents per litre, according to The exception, and highest price, is 114.9 cents per litre at the Shell in Sunset. Calgary diesel ranges from 97.9 cents per litre at East Hills Costco or 100.9 cents per litre in Valley Ridge for non-Costco members and up to 106.9 cents per litre across the city.