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Holistic duo launch local plant-based meal delivery business

Plant-based food delivery services roots itself in Cochrane.
Susan Hoy (left) and Theresa Perciasepe have teamed up to launch P Squared Eats – plant-based meal delivery service in Cochrane.

Do what you can, when you can. Stop overthinking it. Make today's food choices better than yesterday's.

These are some of the founding principles behind P Squared Eats – a local plant-based food delivery service that is officially launching next week.

The 'P2' stands for "plant provisions" and is reflective of two new business partners who liken their common approaches to health management to two peas in a pod.

Formed by red seal chef Susan Hoy and nutritional consultant Theresa Perciasepe, P Squared is quickly getting its legs with a growing client list that both foodies feel speaks to a growing gap in the health and wellness industry – a plant-based, whole foods approach tailored to the busy, modern lifestyle.

"We are so disconnected from our food that we don't even realize it," explained Hoy, adding that she is in awe every time she works with clients to reset their bodies through plant-based meals, watching her clients' health transform and their reliance on medication dwindle.

Following combined years that cover the spectrum of experience as food relates to health, Hoy and Perciasepe advocate for a move away from processed, packaged and refined foods and a return to whole foods, locally-sourced products whenever possible and ridding culprits out of cupboards – such as refined sugar, oils, processed meats, boxed cereal and for the most part, dairy.

Both maintain that daily efforts and small changes are more effective than lofty goals, fad diets or developing harmful obsessions around food.

A single mother of two, Hoy spent many years working in high-end restaurants and in hotels as a chef before working for a major food distributor. Training to become an agrologist around eight years ago, her aha moment came to her while working on biosoils. At this time, she was trying to get a handle on her own plethora of health ailments, while trying to correct her youngest daughter's tummy troubles.

"I had a meltdown at work one day ... I was working with production to make their soil more health and it dawned on me that it's the same way we create healthy soil is how we create gut health," said Hoy, explaining that this was the stepping off point for her to launch her own food business, Culinary Skills & Nutrition – teaching clients how to achieve health and cook a variety of tasty meals by eliminating toxins, sugars and making vegetables the star of the dish.

"When I look in my rearview mirror it all makes sense to me," said Hoy, who has turned her family's health around and is now dedicated to showing others how to do this from their own kitchens.

Perciasepe is an avid athlete, she has worked with clients on different journeys of achieving fitness goals, weight management and general health. She focuses on teaching people that it's not normal to wake up in pain and that the healing begins on the cutting board.

"I saw a huge gap in my clients – everybody wants to be healthy but not everyone has the time," explained Perciasepe, a certified holistic nutritional consultant who has spent several years working alongside medical professionals to help clients achieve health and wellness through food. She also owns food/lifestyle consulting business The Trifecta Lifestyle.

"I think a lot of people get used to not feeling great and that becomes normal," she added.

By keeping meal prices affordable, the early stages of feedback have indicated that the duo will be busy, as their concept for simplified eating habits is resonating with a local market.

While each woman will continue to run their other health/food consulting businesses, including workshops and classes, P Squared will be focused on meal preparation and delivery for those looking to fuel their bodies and restore their health from garden to table.

Connect with the duo through P Squared Eats on social media or their individual websites, or


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