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VIDEO: Ghost Lake drifters told to use ice track responsibly or face shutdown

Ghost Lake track designer Benjamin Laflamme warned motorists to keep the site safe and clean after a wild weekend

The creators of the drift track at Ghost Lake are warning motorists to smarten up or the track will be closed. 

In a video shared to Faster Higher's Instagram page, Benjamin Laflamme said Ghost Lake visitors need to be safe and clean up after themselves. 

"Last weekend was awesome," he said. "There were so many people and so many nice cars."

In its second weekend, hundreds of people went out to watch or try their hand at navigating the turns on the 2.4-kilometre track Laflamme and the Faster Higher team cleared on the ice of Ghost Lake. 

"But," he said. "We've seen so many unsafe activities." 

He pointed to an incident where a man was spotted in the trunk of a drifting car. 

"Come on, guys, this is dumb. We don't want to see this. We're going to get shut down if we keep seeing that." 

Laflamme said garbage was also a big issue.

"We have to keep this site clean and safe for everyone," he said, reminding viewers the site is not privately owned, nor is the ice track. 

"Faster Higher is now collaborating with the police from Cochrane," he said. "From now on, the police of Cochrane will be patrolling on the lake." 

Cochrane RCMP have yet to provide comment or confirm this, but a request has been made and this story will be updated. 

"They (RCMP) want to make sure everyone is safe and there is no drinking and driving," Laflamme said. 

He also warned drivers to keep their stunting and drifts to the ice track. He said no one would should be drifting on residential, municipal or provincial roads. 

"If this keeps happening, we'll get shut down.

"We have created a winter drift scene that wasn't there before which is absolutely amazing," he concluded. "We just want you guys to help keep that track open for years to come." 

Laflamme said the Faster Higher team — who are now drifting Ghost Lake for the second year — won't be in attendance this weekend to separate themselves from the bad behaviours observed last weekend. 

"We don't want to be associated with this," he said, urging motorists to use the track responsibly.