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VIDEO: Hundreds put pedal to the metal on Cochrane-area ice track

Photos of the 2.4-kilometre track on Ghost Lake went viral on Instagram and Reddit.

This may only be the second year that car aficionados cleared the snow in a twisted pathway on the ice of Ghost Lake, but it's certainly on track to being their biggest year yet. 

Photos of the 2.4-kilometre track went viral on Instagram and Reddit earlier this week, drawing the attention of motorists from all levels of experience seeking wintertime adventures, said Benjamin Laflamme.

And last weekend, the Faster Higher racing team member said more than 200 people showed up to check out the track either as a spectator or behind the wheel.

"This weekend we saw a lot of different people," Laflamme said. "There was people from the car community in Calgary, people from Texas. It's very family oriented. It's not just a bunch of young kids that go there and drive their cars." 


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He said several people pop up camping chairs and bring propane stoves and make a day out of watching the different vehicles navigate the turns. 

This ice track started last year in the same spot after Laflamme cleared a pathway with his side-by-side and plow attachment.

But this is by no means a first for the area. 

The Calgary Sports Car Club used to host events on Ghost Lake around five years ago, but since obtaining a private venue, they've stopped. 

Laflamme made it crystal clear the new Ghost Lake track is not private. He said it belongs to the public and is to be used at your own risk. 

"We're not a business," he said. "We're not promoting anything. We just made it for everyone to enjoy." 

He noted that RCMP have made a few stops by the track as well to check things out.

RCMP has yet to respond to Great West Media's request for comment. 

For those interested, Laflamme advises a visit to see how things work. 

"Maybe don't put your car on the ice right away," he said. "Come first to check it out and see how it goes." 

His most asked question, he said, is 'will my (insert make and model) car be good?' His answer: anything with wheels and a motor will be fine. He noted a helmet and studded tires are always recommended.

For those who race competitively like Laflamme, and the Faster Higher team that competes on tracks in B.C. and Alberta in the summertime, he said the ice track makes for excellent practice. 

"When we go on the racetrack in the summer, we can usually get in about four or five laps due to mechanical issues and tire wear," he said. "But in the winter, on the ice, you can do around 100 laps a day. It's very good practice for all of us."