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EDITORIAL: There's no place like home for the holidays

There’s no place like home for the holidays— These words have never held more power than in 2020.

There’s no place like home for the holidays— These words have never held more power than in 2020.

While typically the holidays are filled with unique magic and cheer that brings the community together— The Christmas we are celebrating this year will be unlike any experienced in generations.

In a year that has asked much of us, we are now being asked to sacrifice our holidays and cancel all social gatherings with those from outside our household.

Do not think of it as Christmas being cancelled, instead embrace the idea that the holidays are on pause to keep our community safe.

For anyone who has cancelled holiday plans and is spending the season alone, know you what you are doing could save someone's life— It's worth it.

It will be challenging not being able to gather with those we love be it our families or friends, but now more than ever it is critical to face the challenges before us with courage and kindness.

These sacrifices are for the greater good and will help keep our most vulnerable community members safe— Each time we choose to stay home, stay safe and follow public health measures we are choosing to put others before ourselves.

It is understandable that tempers and patience are becoming frayed given the difficult year we have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Too often we are inundated with stories of tempers flaring, petty squabbles on Facebook and general unrest in the Cochrane community, the country and the world.

We now face the darkest time of the pandemic and it is up to all of us to decide how history will remember our actions.

Will we be remembered for our kindness and compassion, or will we be remembered for our anger and our hearts becoming hard?

We must keep top of mind that we must embrace the true meaning of the holiday season and actively treat each other with kindness.

We may be facing the darkest and most terrifying times in living memory but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

A vaccine is on the way, and until it is available to the general public we need to ensure that none of us are left behind in the dark.

For now, we need to focus on staying strong and ensuring our thoughts are not consumed by the shadows.

We are facing some of the greatest adversity out community and province have ever seen— Compassion, kindness and courage is our only choice in response.

Let the choice to show compassion fill our community with the warmest thoughts and best wishes to ensure everyone enjoys a cheery and safe holiday season.

This Christmas know that even though physically we are apart, we are united as a community.

From all of us at The Cochrane Eagle have a happy holiday— May it be filled with peace and joy.