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The search for a perfect trail horse

In my last column, I identified the first two criteria for a good trail horse (load willingly, go where you point him) and here are the rest of the criteria (as identified in an article written by Dee McVicker and published in EQUUS: 3.

Lindsie Haxton, a beautiful word that soars into eulogy

Over the years that I’ve been writing these columns, one Cochrane reader responded often with praise for beautiful words, dragonflies, and lives lifted upward.

Generosity, kindness of Cochrane making my journey so much easier

I must say, lately I have felt like the “flavour of the month!” Whenever I open the mighty Cochrane Eagle, there I am! I told my husband I will be glad when I open the paper, and I’m not there. Whoops, better watch what I hope for, I might get it.
Pipe band always does Cochrane proud

Pipe band always does Cochrane proud

It’s great to be sitting in the stands and hear the announcer introducing and praising something from Cochrane. Like last Saturday when the Cochrane Pipe Band was announced at the 2013 Calgary Military Tattoo at Max Bell Arena.

Youth Explosion great for young Morley residents

May 12 is Mother’s Day, and it’s not every Mother’s Day that we celebrate the gifts and abilities of our youth.

Caps too good for Rangers

This is a preview of the NHL playoffs. Let’s start in the West with the Chicago Blackhawks taking on the Minnesota Wild. I do not see this one being a huge contest as Chicago should take it easy if their goaltending is good enough.
Fly fishing shop will have me as a regular customer

Fly fishing shop will have me as a regular customer

I just received some great news — Bottrel’s own Mike Day is opening a fly-fishing shop in late May or early June. It will be located in N.W. Calgary at Dalhousie Station under the moniker Iron Bow.

Perfect CFL season doesn't always end with a win

From a football fan’s viewpoint, an ideal season for their favorite team would culminate in a Grey Cup championship. At least, that’s the way most of us would look at it. But it’s just not so.

Best of Cochrane bash drew quite a crowd to Killarney's

What a party. It was the first annual Best of Cochrane bash held at Killarney’s Pub at the Cochrane Golf Club. I’m not an expert on Irish pubs, but any place that has great bangers and mash is triple OK in my books.
London Marathon world's biggest fundraising run

London Marathon world's biggest fundraising run

Firstly, I’d like to thank the many readers of the Cochrane Eagle for honouring me with their votes in the Readers’ Choice Awards.