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Question period a childish scene

So do you think the experts that picked Detroit to win the World Series are the same ones that picked Wildrose to form the government? And now do you wish they were right? And how about the provincial Tories? I watched question period the other day a

'Drunken Indians,' 'poor Indians' and other stereotypes

Globetrotting coffee companion Jack Popjes reminded me recently of a line famously associated with Mark Twain: “The trouble with the world is . . . that they know so many things that aren’t so.
Trip to Toronto brings meetings with more heroes

Trip to Toronto brings meetings with more heroes

On my recent trip to Toronto, I had three objectives; take a copy of my book Marathon Quest and give it to Right To Play (RTP) CEO, Johann Koss, compete in Bonsai the Don, a trail race with a twist, and run the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon.

Illinois Gaming Board gets into video gambling

It was just a three-paragraph story on an almost hidden page near the back of a copy of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the larger of two newspapers in the Nevada metropolis. But it certainly hit home and offers some food for thought.
Stretching out on monkey bars inspires book of prayers

Stretching out on monkey bars inspires book of prayers

She came up behind me at Cochrane Coffee Traders, embraced me with her signature enthusiasm and said, “You have to read Rob’s book!” Elaine Phillips had my full attention.

A meeting of the heart proves inspiring

I never met her. Even though I knew her for a year, I would not have been able to pick her out of a crowd. She was introduced to me a year ago last September by a mutual friend, Warren Harbeck.

FOIP coordinator could help the town avoid being FOIPed

It’s about this FOIP thing. FOIP stands for Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act so yer right, it’s easier to say FOIP.

Manage your winter pasture

Recently a group of us “horsey people” were chatting about managing our horses during the winter. We covered a wide variety of topics but one topic that got a lot of discussion was winter pasture management.

Proud to be included on list of Diamond Jubilee honourees

It’s quite an honour indeed to be in such august company in October. Pardon the pun, but it was indeed an honour to be with so many kind and good people last week at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal presentation ceremony at the Red and White Club.

Amazing Kimmett's truly a 'monumental' Cochrane family

Last week a picture of Kelly Kimmett appeared on the front page of the Eagle, golfing at GlenEagles in a tournament he organized with his wife Dianne, and others, to raise money for several worthwhile charities.