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Why can't levels of government get together on shelter issue?

These last few days before Christmas, our Gift Wrap Centre is open and ready to take care of your wrapping in exchange for a donation to emergency accommodation needs in Cochrane.
Make sure your horse has a safe environment this winter

Make sure your horse has a safe environment this winter

In my last column, I outlined the first five tips for keeping your horses healthy during the winter — they included adequate movement, being with a group, time to graze or forage, provide mental stimulation and respecting your horses’ instincts.

Hockey's a funny old game, but lack of support no laughing matter

Hockey’s a funny old game. I picked up my first hockey stick at the age of 22 when I was living in Kimberley, B.C., and was invited to join the men’s recreational league there. The only problem was I had never skated before.
Where we live inspires new photography enthusiasts

Where we live inspires new photography enthusiasts

This past spring, a young man named Jess Findlay beat out over 25,000 other entrants to win the Youth Award in a prestigious photography competition hosted by Nature’s Best Photography.

Coffee shops offer sacred spaces for listening hearts

In personal worlds of turmoil, heavy hearts and differences of opinion, it’s nice to know there are some places that feel safe – sacred places where people of longing, listening, loving hearts are at home, and beauty and peace prevail.

Remarkable young Cochranites gather to honour their friend

It was an event that shouldn’t have happened. But it did. It had to. It was a vigil last Saturday night at the Mitford Pond in memory of a 17-year-old Cochrane High School student killed in a car accident Dec.6. Apparently, by a drunk driver.

It seems Town of Cochrane is run by people with no last names

I love this town and its employees but sometimes I just shake my head, like what were they thinking? A case in point. In last week’s edition of the Cochrane Times there was a full page advertisement from the town with pictures on longtime employees.
Busy senior 'raised to help serve wherever I can'

Busy senior 'raised to help serve wherever I can'

Doug Campbell is a well known individual around Cochrane with his involvement in many worthwhile organizations.

Horses need extra care now that winter has arrived

Winter can be a challenging time for keeping both you and your horse happy and healthy.

Malala, dignity and more T-words for a beautiful person

Last week’s column about Dijla Al-Rekabi and the touch of humanity she experienced while undergoing surgery recently in a Calgary hospital generated many responses from our coffee companions.