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Desperation, heartbreak seen on trip to New York

Desperation, heartbreak seen on trip to New York

Well, where to begin? I guess that would be the morning of Nov. 1 at the Calgary airport. My wife Sue and I were off to New York, where I was intending to run in the New York City Marathon.

My prayer for the president-elect of the United States

As this issue of the Cochrane Eagle goes to press, voting is still under way to choose the next President of the United States. But never let it be said that the winner, whichever that may be, doesn’t have a prayer.

Promotional material raises questions about turbine

There’s a lot of hot air about the construction of a wind turbine unit at Cochrane High School.

Winter provides good opportunity to add to equine skills

When that winter weather blows in and all you are doing with your equine friends is keeping them fed and watered and sheltered from the weather, you can ponder the learning opportunities coming your way.

Gambling calculator counts the cost of gaming

In a recent column, I suggested that the National Hockey League be blown up and restarted under a more reasonable financial structure. It would upset the players in a big way and please the owners in an even bigger way.

Local author's war novel impossible to put down

I don’t usually review books in my column. It took over a year for local author James Black to convince me to read For Freedom & Honour, but once I started I couldn’t put it down.

Fishing Bulkley River is a dream trip

It is around that time of year when pumpkins are carved, the daylight hours have shortened, and the temperatures take a steady dive. I am excited for an annual fishing trip to Smithers, B.C., to chase for the famous steelhead in the Bulkley River.
Gonzo now giving back after career in television industry

Gonzo now giving back after career in television industry

George Gonzo has resided in the Ghost Lake area for the past 30 years. He actually just lived on his ranch on weekends, because as he put it, the rest of the week was spent on airplanes, travelling coast to coast from Halifax to Victoria.

Town supporting residential, but not business growth

The citizens who created the Cochrane Sustainability Plan identified 13 Pathways to Sustainability for this community. So far, I have written about the first nine. Pathway 10 reads: “there is enough room for everything a community should have.

End lockout by cutting the cash

Simple is the answer to the National Hockey League lockout which is causing even the most loyal fan to question that loyalty. Pay attention and come along for the ride.