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Readers honour life with mindfulness, listening and love

Readers honour life with mindfulness, listening and love

In last week’s column I lamented over the willful destruction of Timbuktu’s priceless cultural heritage.
Kimmett cheque impacts Right to Play in big way

Kimmett cheque impacts Right to Play in big way

On Jan. 28 a cheque for $31,782.39 was donated, by the Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Memorial Foundation, to the Kimmett Cup / Hockey Quest 500 donation page.

First moonwalk leads to space flights for Joe Average

The young and the not so young will remember a most popular song called Fly Me to the Moon. It was sung by many artists since being written in 1954 but was made most famous by the great Frank Sinatra who put his rendition together in 1964.

Upcoming expo offers relief for frozen fish folks

January is the middle of the road for winter and is also known as the coldest month of the year. If you are a lucky angler you might find a good trout stream that is slush free and fishable.

Retirement plans come in many packages

The most important word in the financial dictionary: Retirement. This is the time of the year when we focus our attention on RRSPs, both for the tax break they create and hopefully for another deposit to our personal Heritage Fund for our future.

Cyril Marshall; a war hero who should be remembered

Cyril Marshall died recently. That may not have huge impact on many of you, but he was a true war hero and a long-time member of the Cochrane Legion. And he was a character and a great guy to know.

Meeting will offer insight into wetland reclamation project

Sustainability is ours to share. At the Cochrane Environmental Action Committee annual general meeting, scheduled for Feb. 12 at 7 p.m., those in attendance will have a chance to hear from Paul Cabaj of Spark Energy.

4-H Club bottle drive

I am a member of the Big Hill West Light Horse 4-H Club, here to tell you about one of our fundraising events. Our members bring in one or two bags of cans and bottles each month. We recycle them, putting the money towards club expenses.

Sometimes important questions need to be asked; that's what I'm here for

Just a few questions this week that puzzle me.

Beautiful music, but Timbuktu: on dialogue and ignorance

As I’m writing this week’s column, unthinkable news has left me confused and distraught. By now, our coffee companions are well aware that I try to be a positive force in connecting people and ideas.