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Malala, dignity and more T-words for a beautiful person

Last week’s column about Dijla Al-Rekabi and the touch of humanity she experienced while undergoing surgery recently in a Calgary hospital generated many responses from our coffee companions.

Car-oriented sprawl has made Cochrane disconnected community

Pathway 12 of the Cochrane Sustainability Plan is that, by 2029, “there are diverse options for getting around” in Cochrane and region. That’s 17 years from now.

'Ol' man Ray' a fly fishing legend

I met my friend Ray for the first time about four years ago on the Bow River. I remember fishing by the 22X bridge when an older fella came sauntering down the bank to say hello.
Six T's of a beautiful person: it's all about respect

Six T's of a beautiful person: it's all about respect

My companion at Cochrane Coffee Traders last week shared a hospitalization story about respect in words so inspiring that they should be celebrated in a dictionary. Dijla Al-Rekabi, of Calgary, has become a familiar face around town.

Hufnagels bring winning ways to Stampeders

Having never owned a business, I can’t really say this is a fact; but I was told once that to be a good business operator you must surround yourself with the right people.

Six years with Eagle has been a 'blast'

Six years ago this month, Jack Tennant invited me to write him an article about my cancer diagnosis. I was on a mission.

Cobras manage to do what Stampeders can't

One of the benefits of living in Cochrane over Calgary is we have a football championship team. Congratulations to the Cochrane High School Cobras on winning the provincial title last weekend by defeating St. Albert.
Toronto perfect destination for getting away with pals

Toronto perfect destination for getting away with pals

You’re a guy. Let’s assume you have friends and that your friends like you enough that they are willing to be seen in public with you.

Cochrane has become community of disconnected neighbourhoods

Pathway 11 of the Cochrane Sustainability Plan reads as follows: “Wherever you are in Cochrane, you’re close and connected.” This statement, like all 10 that have been presented to date are statements of future desired states for the community.

It's unbelievable anyone thinks a plane crash is funny

As a radio announcer, there were many occasions over the almost half a century in the business that I said something and realized it was too late, and it was already in space riding a radio wave into somebody’s car, office or home.