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No more chemo for me, despite what that may mean

“I can’t do this anymore,” I told him. “I want quality days instead of quantity days. I’m done with chemo.” To my amazement, he replied, “I’ll never ask you to do chemo again.” Yahoo! You have no idea how grateful I am that my doctor is on my side.
Horsing around in the snow

Horsing around in the snow

It would appear that we are not done with the snowfall — dang it! It was so nice for a couple of days, horses were starting to shed out, birds were chirping — it just felt like spring.

Voice of the Pioneers series headlines schedule at SOTB

The headline event for March at Seniors on the Bow (SOTB) is the third in the Voice of the Pioneers series. A provocative title, “All You Wanted to Know About Indians But Were Afraid to Ask,” will be addressed by Dr.

Hero in four faiths saved his people through forgiveness

Among the responses to last week’s column on forgiveness, one praised a lifelong hero of mine, and even set the stage for seeing another of my heroes, Time magazine’s runner-up for 2012 Person of the Year, in a new light.
Hibernating photographers missing beauty of winter

Hibernating photographers missing beauty of winter

It’s a shame: Many photographers only come out of hibernation in spring when the lime-green leaves unfold their virgin growth. And they pack in their gear and set to polishing their lenses after the fervid flush of fall dies away.

Heat, tough route put kibosh under sub-four hour marathon

I woke up on the morning of March 3 dead tired. I hadn’t got much sleep and I had things to do before the start of the Kilimanjaro Marathon at 6:30 a.m.

Hufnagel should be coach of year

When Calgary Stampeders head coach John Hufnagel reads this piece, and I know he will, he will not be a happy camper.

We need to show we care about water, air and biodiversity

The Alberta Land Use Framework, developed in this decade through broad public consultation, is an example of a provincial policy document that reflects the principles of sustainability.

Taste of Bragg Creek well worth the 20-minute drive south

We spent a very enjoyable Friday evening last weekend at a food tasting event. It was great and that’s the good news. The bad news is that it was in Bragg Creek. The good news is Bragg Creek is only 20 minutes away.

Forgiveness opens heart's door to welcome the stranger

Two of our past columns figured prominently in an interchurch gathering in Cochrane last week.