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Idle No More movement gains momentum as 2013 arrives

I’m impressed with the Idle No More movement that is starting to sweep the country. Unless you’ve been dead or in Edmonton you’ll realize Idle No More is a protest by Canadian aboriginals that is becoming popular. And so it should.

Continued education is important for all types of anglers

Close to a couple weeks before Christmas, I was invited to the Prairies Area/Southern Rockies Fisheries Management Roundtable meeting. There was a diverse group of people present to discuss past and future projects about our fisheries in our area.
Three lessons in listening hearts top my list for 2012

Three lessons in listening hearts top my list for 2012

Well, folks, no doubt you’re all wondering whether I kept my New Year’s resolution for 2012.

Lockout alienates kids

This week, I will be talking about the National Hockey League lockout from a kid’s perspective. At the beginning of the lockout most of us (me and my friends) thought it would not last more than a month.

Florida's Corkscrew Swamp a nature-lover's eden

A white egret gorges on minnows as an alligator basks on a sun-drenched mud bank, ignoring the ibis wading in the weeds a few feet away. A warm breeze combs the lichen dangling from ancient cypress trees that tower over this secluded slice of eden.

Predictions for 2013 may not always ring true, but here's to trying

It’s that great time of year when experts around the world make predictions and suggestions for the coming year. The saving grace is nobody has ever really checked to see how many come true. My guess is very few.

Ex-Ticats coach not hurting for being let go

When you decide to become a coach in professional sports, the one thing you know from the get-go is one day you are going to be fired. Such are the ramifications of taking such a job.

Santa, can you put positive side-effects in my Christmas stocking?

Dear Santa, Yes, it’s me again. I wrote to you two years ago and asked you to help me find my Christmas mo-jo, remember? I was so pleased when you replied and told me about a special book, “The 29 Gifts”.

This Christmas give your kids the gift of hugs, because you never know

Christmas can be very difficult for many people, but then again life itself can also be difficult. One thinks of the parents of an elementary school in Connecticut and is instantly grateful that it didn’t happen here. But it could.

Einstein's prediction of tech-crazy idiots rings true

To be honest, I never heard him say it. But this quote has been attributed to Albert Einstein, a legitimate genius of his time. It read: “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction.