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Cochrane generosity is boundless

Cochrane has no shortage of generosity.

Causes in need of financial support have it made in Cochrane.

Even though the financial hardships caused by the decline in the oil sector over the past four years where the province saw unemployment levels skyrocket, Cochranites just kept on giving.

It’s not like there was a shortage of causes to support either. There were many times we reported on the next big fundraising event or a new one jumping into the mix and wondered if this would be the backbreaker? Would Cochrane finally be tapped out in its ability to give back?
Each time, the answer would be no.

Whether it’s in support of the Big Hill Haven Emergency Women’s Shelter, the Cochrane Activettes, our numerous service clubs, The Lindsay Leigh Kimmett Foundation, Bethany Cochrane or the remaining list of worthwhile causes that could fill this page, there seems to be an endless supply of dollars.
Obviously, we know that pool of cash is not some magical well that we draw on for needed donations and that is why we are so impressed and why so many groups are ever grateful for the support this town gives to oh so many causes.

While Cochrane’s generosity should be lauded, it’s also important to recognize a key component to all these successful fundraisers – the people behind the scenes.

The Kimmett family, the Rotary, Lions and Kiwanis clubs, the Activettes and Big Hill Haven Team, the Legion and all our local businesses who despite some tight margins still find ways to give. Or, people like Dan Kroffat who tirelessly dedicate their time to ensuring events are successful. This weekend’s Outhouse Races is another example of an event that spurs the community to action.

The brainchild of Karrie Peace, owner of the Heavenly Outhouse and Poor David’s in Historic Downtown, the races have become an iconic community event raising major funds for worthy causes and has morphed into something many couldn’t have imagined.

In 2017, Statistics Canada reported that Albertans who give to charity donate around $480 per person every year – the highest of any province – nearly $200 more per donor than the national average.

Those numbers are easily reflected in Cochrane and we suspect a decent percentage of the $1.5 million donated to charity in 2017 in this province either stayed in Cochrane or was given by a Cochrane resident.

We look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s Outhouse Races and are eager to see if Krofatt’s $20,000 goal can be achieved to help with projects at the Girl Guides Camp Jubilee.