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More should be done to observe Aboriginal Day

June 21 was Aboriginal Day across the country, but most people in Cochrane and the surrounding area probably had no idea.

Some mistakes last

A Cochrane teenager is in serious trouble following a social media post that threatened violence against students in town.

Seniors vital to community

Canada’s population is aging. That’s not really news.

Cochrane has amazing spirit

Communities are built by volunteers and dedicated citizens. From organizing events, to helping fundraise for facilities to coaching minor sports, there isn’t a growing town that can thrive without the help of civic-minded citizens.

Cochrane heeds the call

When Alberta pulled together to aid Fort McMurray in its time of need, Cochrane answered the call.

Letter controversy

Last week’s letter by Lyle Carbert received a lot of attention from readers. Many of those comments expressed disgust over the opinion and some went so far as to suggest people boycott the newspaper. First, we would like to clarify a few points.

Cochrane is bustling

Cochrane is a hub of activity and thriving businesses, if this year’s Chamber of Commerce and District Trade Show was any indication.

Cochrane full of generosity

For some, Alberta’s economic downturn is not much more than scary headlines in the media. For those people making trips to the food bank every week, it is an all too harsh reality.

School LGBTQ guidelines are fair

There has been a lot of controversy and outrage over Alberta's Department of Education ordering school boards to enact guidelines that recognize and protect LGBTQ students. For a lot of people exactly what an LGBTQ student is can be a tad confusing.

Ready to respond

It’s a strange sight to see your friendly neighbourhood RCMP officer armed with an assault rifle charging down the halls of a school. Last month, anyone driving by St.