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History and heritage is important

Massive throughput grain terminals, towering glass highrises, and sprawling subdivisions are evidence of the modernization of Alberta.

Time to embrace all things spring

Spring has sprung and, with it, a return to all the great things to do that come with it. You know; spring cleaning, yard work, all the stuff in the “to-do” jar that didn’t get done last year . . .

Gunshots pierce peace and tranquility of little town by the Bow

Went to a funeral and a gunfight broke out. That old chestnut might be funny if it wasn’t true. Unfortunately, it is true.

Time to make hard calls on carbon

As the lines are being drawn for the battle of the new millennium, the combatants appear content to stay in their corners. How else can you interpret the current green-vs.

Placing a value on land

You have to hand it to the Town of Cochrane. Who else could sell 2.17 acres of dirt, lawn and gravel located on a highway for $2.75 million? That is truly an epic achievement. Even more spectacular will be La Vita Land Inc.

Beware of fraudulent tax scammers

“I really would have liked to have told the guy what I would’ve liked to have done to him.” Canada Revenue Agency scammers be advised: if 80-year-old Cochranite Maureen Wills ever gets a hold of you . . .

Cochrane ups its global game

It’s official. You can pin Cochrane on the global map. The world’s most visible, pressing human issue has come home to roost. By invitation. With the arrival of three Syrian families – greeted Feb. 9 and Feb.

Top 10 reasons why you should back your Cochrane Generals

Everybody loves a winner. Except, maybe, Cochrane.

NDP resists royalty temptation

A funny thing happened on the way to the Alberta New Democratic Party government’s oil-patch royalty review: it delivered the right answer. Premier Rachel Notley and her policy-table wonks figured it out. Imagine that.

Watching the East dig out is good theatre

With winter’s bite leaving teeth marks from northern Florida to the Eastern Seaboard, you can never be too prepared for Mother Nature’s frosty fangs. The eastern U.S.