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Shots fired

As we prepare for the provincial election campaign to officially begin, the prediction that the parlays between the NDP and UCP parties will be less than civil is coming to light.

Election campaign will be fierce

Albertans will go to the polls twice this year to vote for the next provincial and federal governments – though neither have set dates yet. What is known is the campaigning will be fierce on both fronts.

A community problem

Mental health has become less of something people talk about in hushed tones behind closed doors these days.

Maintain Cochrane's historic identity

Cochrane is growing rapidly and what that means for our community depends on perspective. While on one hand the increase in amenities means people can live, work and shop here more than they once could.

A hand up not a handout

Chaz Smith knows what it likes to be down and out. As a teen, social ignorance and negative personal circumstances at home combined to leave him homeless and living on the street.

Police stats show need for shelter

While violent crime is generally on the decline in Cochrane, it is disturbing to see how domestic violence continues to rise.

Newsmakers of 2018

As we ready to ring in 2019, it is always beneficial to look back on the year past and take stock of the people and events that inspired us, created change or were instrumental in helping our community be a better place to live.

Media bailout a catch-22

Journalists know optics matter a great deal. In fact, it is a consideration that drives innumerable stories regarding our governments and politicians.

Merry Christmas for all?

Approximately 4.7 million people. That is the number of Canadians who are estimated to live in a state of food insecurity, meaning they do not have access to a stable source of adequate, safe and nutritious food.

Big dreams for Cochrane

Town council made two significant moves last week that have the potential to transform the landscape of this community. The first was the approval of the long-awaited on-demand transit system.