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The University of Alberta – The University of Alberta’s Augustana Campus offers innovative teaching and learning

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At the University of Alberta’s Augustana campus, we’re doing things a little differently.

Besides graduating with a degree from one of the Top 5 Universities in Canada, earned on an exclusively undergraduate campus, our students now have the opportunity to study outside of the confines of a traditional and rigid calendar structure.

The New Calendar or “3-11” splits each semester into a three-week block where students and faculty will only take and teach one course, followed by a more traditional eleven-week session in which three or four courses are typically taken. For all new students in their first year at Augustana, the three-week block course will be a First Year Seminar.

“Research has shown, time and time again, that the most powerful predictor of academic success in university in a successful first term,” notes Augustana Dean Allen Berger, on the impetus behind the First Year Seminars—courses which focus on one subject but with an interdisciplinary approach. Last semester, these courses focused on topics as diverse as cryptozoology, to the use of alcohol and cannabis in our society, to a course on murder and another featuring Harry Potter as the primary text, which allowed students to facilitate the transition from high school to university studies in a way that’s academically challenging on topics sure to pique anyone’s interest.

Along with academic success, students can look forward to experiential learning and becoming more engaged with the Camrose community. The New Calendar adds flexibility for learning opportunities outside of the classroom, including class trips, research projects, guest speakers/lectures and chances to work with local businesses. This new way of learning offers real-world experience, marketable skills and personally fulfilled learning, readying our students for a diverse set of career options upon graduation.

For more information on the New Calendar, visit or speak to one of our prospective student officers by calling 780-679-1132 or toll-free: 1-800-661-8714.