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Conservatives lie too

Tex Leugner thinks the Conservatives can do no wrong.

Tex Leugner in his letter last week seems to think that the Conservatives can do no wrong and it is only the Liberals that lie to voters. He might want to reflect on this Tweet by Andrew Coyne of the National Post on Sun, Aug 25, 2019.

Liberal promises 2015-19: fully kept: 53.5%, partially kept: 38.5%, broken: 8%.

Conservative promises 2011-15: fully kept: 77%, partially kept: 7%, broken: 16%.

Something for both sides in there.

One Conservative about-face that affected many seniors was the income trust debacle.

In 2005 Finance Minister Ralph Goodale announced they were considering taxing income trusts. The government’s attempt to tax income trusts and its consequence on seniors who had invested money in them became the subject of severe criticism by the then leader of opposition Stephen Harper and at that time Mr. Harper promised the Canadian people that he would not change the tax structure of the income trusts.

A year later it was Prime Minister Harper who, along with Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, changed policy in 2006 and in two months the energy trusts lost about 25% of their value.

And on April 2011 Lawrence Martin, Globe and Mail, wrote “During his time in office, Harper has been charged with denying Parliament its historic right to documents, shutting down the House, intimidating independent agencies, muzzling the bureaucracy, suppressing research, curbing the access to information system, and other transgressions.”

So the voters can decide in October who they believe is telling them the truth.

David Werrett