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Letters to the Editor

Glenbow Ranch opposes dam project

Flooding in the park would damage local history.

I wish Trump had a Canadian twin

In response to Jen McCrie’s letter in Aug.

Conservatives lie too

Tex Leugner thinks the Conservatives can do no wrong.

Trudeau continues his corrupt lies to Canadians

Trudeau must go

This federal election is vital to Canada’s future

I read a “meme” online earlier today that said, “Liberals will vote Liberal and Conservatives will vote Conservative … no matter what.” This “partial truism” absolutely astounds me.

Liberals will not support Alberta

I would like to pose the following question to all Albertans as we edge ever closer to the October Federal election: “Exactly how much support/backing are we as Albertans going to get from a second-term Liberal government after the results are

Cochrane council’s remuneration committee has bad optics

Bad optics

We must vote the Liberals out of office in the next elections

Liberals must go.

Keeping the peace

I was in Cochrane on Monday to pick up my grandson and for the first time I navigated the detour in Riversong. Not being local I found it difficult to navigate and eventually ended up having a conversation with Cochrane Peace Officers (their idea).

Kindness did not go unnoticed

Thank you SO much.