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Trudeau continues his corrupt lies to Canadians

Trudeau must go

Our so-called leader was in Calgary during the final weekend of the Stampede flipping flapjacks for the three dozen or so Calgarians who unbelievably continue to support him. One woman was so excited when she saw Trudeau that she ran up and down the block in what can only be described as an almost frenzy screaming “Trudeau is here, Trudeau is here”, before she sidled up to him for the inevitable selfy!

The lying rhetoric continued when he said, “Albertans have been hard hit by the challenges we face in the oil sector that people across the country recognize. People know that Albertans work hard and its prosperity has contributed massively over the past decades to Canada’s prosperity. Now as you’ve gone through difficult years it’s been really important for Canada to be there for Alberta and we’re working hard on that. We will continue putting Alberta’s interests at the heart of everything we do because that is what you deserve.”

This was pure unadulterated BS. Trudeau neglected to tell us that the cause of Alberta’s disastrous economy was his government’s cancellation of the Northern Gateway pipeline, the ridiculously stringent environmental rules that caused TransCanada to pull out of the Energy East project and his socialist nationalization of the Kinder Morgan pipeline. In addition, the almost certain passing of Bills C-48 and C-69 with the treasonous, unpatriotic, shameless support of Canada’s senate will complete Trudeaus ultimate plan to forever prohibit any further pipeline infrastructure projects in Canada. In short, Trudeau’s hatred of Alberta’s energy industry has dealt the death knell to much of Canada’s economy.

Yet this lying, socialist, corrupt, economically inept scoundrel Trudeau can appear in Calgary, flip pancakes and tell us that the Liberals are helping us? The fact that he even showed up in Calgary illustrates just how unabashedly contemptuous is his opinion of Alberta. Without shame, how low he has stooped! Conservative MP Michelle Rempel summed up Albertans fury when she said, “I don’t know how he can live with himself saying such lies.” It’s easy for him Michelle; Trudeau has finally achieved his father’s goal of destroying Alberta’s energy industry! Like most Albertans I am more than disgusted!

I dare anyone to tell me that Justin Trudeau deserves re-election?

L. (Tex) Leugner