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Be kind to one another

Make kindness happen.
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Today Nov. 13, is World Kindness Day and we should take a minute to be kind to one another. This means our neighbours, our loved ones, the person behind the wheel, the daycare staff, your co-workers, a stranger, and of course those little fur babies. Kindness is a smile, kindness is respect, kindness makes the heart all warm and fuzzy.

We as a community and a country need to understand that the one thing that binds us together is kindness and compassion. With kindness anything can be achieved. It is important to recognize people or organizations who do good deeds and maybe learn a thing or two from them.

World Kindness day is said to encourage individuals to look beyond race, religion and political stances.

First started in 1998, there are currently more than 28 nations involved. It was created to inspire a global movement of kindness.

So why not show a random act of kindness today like honouring a hero, paying for someone's coffee or just simply giving someone a compliment. All this goes to show that humanity has a capacity for love and generosity.



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