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Irving not given a fair chance to be Flames starter

When a youngster shows an early talent for almost any sport, the early thought is playing that sport at the highest level. In the eyes of the parents, well most of them, the hopes go even further than that.

One of Cochrane's mysteries has been solved

You may recall a recent column wondering why a couple of events were not listed on the town’s website. It was SummerFest and WinterFest that didn’t make the list and now we know why.

Gaydon Willis is an inspiration and my hero and it's time I told her so

This week, I’m going to write about one of my heroes. Gaydon Willis. About six years ago, I used to get therapeutic massages from Gaydon which were very good and during one session she shared with me that she had been diagnosed with cancer.

Next time, I'll wait for warmer Wendover weather

What was sought in this case was a quick, economical (read cheap) south-of-the-border trip which would provide a break during a long winter. The quick was provided by a four-day, three-night excursion into a small Nevada town called West Wendover.
Local author promotes creativity for empowering learners

Local author promotes creativity for empowering learners

In his just-published book, a widely acclaimed author/lecturer sees hope for the world by a shift in educational priorities from information to imagination.
Climbing Kilimanjaro seventh quest for RTP

Climbing Kilimanjaro seventh quest for RTP

In three days, my wife Sue and I are heading over to Tanzania. As I packed, I thought about how this trip came about. In late August 2012, Sue and I went on a road trip to Edmonton, to visit our friends Leesha and Lau Mafuru and their baby Oasis.

Cochrane helped light up Calgary Winter Olympics in a big way

Twenty-five years ago, I had hair, Alberta had a balanced budget and the Olympics were here. Everyone remembers the Olympics, but since we have so many new residents since 1988, I’d guess few would know the part Cochrane played.

Pope earns praise for promoting respect among religions

Pope Benedict XVI announced this week that he will step down on Feb. 28 as head of the Roman Catholic Church. With this column I’d like to honour him for his bridge-building work among the world’s religions.
Let's not forget The Print in age of digital cameras

Let's not forget The Print in age of digital cameras

Photography used to be all about The Print.

'Shake it off' not always best advice for 'dumped' riders

I recently had the pleasure of attending a First Aid update course to keep my First Aid and CPR skills current.