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Cochrane lecturer celebrates the legacy of C. S. Lewis

Cochrane lecturer celebrates the legacy of C. S. Lewis

Among C. S. Lewis’s millions of fans, I’ve met none more devoted than Cochrane lecturer Elaine Phillips. The Irish-born author of The Chronicles of Narnia “nourishes my love of reading,” the Lewis aficionada says.

Cochrane wish-list

Two days into the New Year, and it is time for Cochrane to make up its wish list for 2014.

Cochrane's top 13 in sport for 2013

Another year in Cochrane sports has flown by, with 2013 having its share of wins and losses for competitors, coaches, administrators and advocates involved athletic endeavours.

Keeping things cool during parenthood

Kids change you forever. Too often this is expressed through negative sentiment.

Top columns for 2013, my New Year's resolution for 2014

Over the 25 years that I’ve been writing weekly newspaper columns, there are two verses from the Bible that have been guiding lights for me, verses that have a great deal to do with the topic of last week’s Christmas column: peace and goodwill.

Resolution failures becoming a yearly New Year's tradition

This week it dawned on me. It’s Christmastime. Again. Not that I’m a Grinch. My heart isn’t three sizes too small. Doesn’t it seem as though July was only a few days ago? But I’m a woman of tradition. On this, the holidays and I agree.

Run or walk this New Year's Eve for children

They say the heart of a community is a place where people can get together and share a common goal. Well, my friend Robin Mitchell certain provides the location.

An old-fashioned request from your local newspaper

By the time you read this editorial, Christmas will be over for another year and Cochranites will be slowly recovering from their turkey hangovers and wondering how they will possibly get through the hordes of leftovers bogging down their fridges and

Way ahead of the newspaper game

Having just returned from a two-week vacation to Ontario with my wife and soon-to-be six-month old daughter to show off my two favourite girls to my family back home, I’ve come to realize how fantastic a job the Cochrane Eagle staff do at putting out
Support of Cochrane business key to town's ongoing success

Support of Cochrane business key to town's ongoing success

With all the snow, cold weather and bad roads we’ve had lately, it makes me feel thankful that we live in a thriving town with the necessary services available to us.