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Call it the ripple effect

If it was as simple as fabricating 1,897 kilometres of pipe through which to deliver crude oil products to refineries, the project would be up and running. For proponents of the recently-rejected Keystone XL pipeline, it’s not that simple.

Budget fit for Halloween

Good thing it’s Halloween. The Alberta government’s clock just struck midnight and Premier Rachel Notley has gone from Cinderella to her evil step mother, and Finance Minister Joe Ceci’s shiny chariot has morphed into a pumpkin. On fire.

Change needed, but people must be accountable

According to the RCMP website, there are just under two million guns currently registered in Canada, 911,789 of which are either restricted or prohibited weapons (semi-automatic, automatic and various types of handguns).

Three items to mull over

Here are a few issues to mull over, all of which have lately been much debated leading up to the federal election, and right here at home in beautiful Alberta.

Celebrity causes

Poor celebrities; they never get any respect when their inner moral voice tells them to get involved in an initiative they feel passionate about. At least that’s the case for more celebrities.

Who really cares about debt?

Canada’s budget numbers are in, and the numbers are not what many had expected to see for 2014-15. The reaction from both the Liberal and NDP party leaders is equally as intriguing as the budget number itself, but we’ll get to that a little later.

Canadian recession?

The ongoing debate that has ensued as a result of recent gross domestic product (GDP) data that has indicated that Canada is currently in a ‘technical’ recession has bolstered talk on the federal election campaign trail, and has of course also led to

Priority #1: Safety

How do you like the new bike lanes along Glenbow Drive? It is nice to have a designated spot for cyclists, if for no other reason, to keep them from travelling in the middle of the road with gas- and diesel-powered vehicles.

Backed up

Continuing to beat on a drum that we here at the Eagle have pounded a few times in the past, we have to address Cochrane’s dire need to have Highways 1A and 22, along with the intersection of the two, upgraded as soon as is humanly possible.

Care for each other

Again, the community of Cochrane has lost one of its youth on the railway tracks.