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Yeh, another election

Are you looking forward to going to the polls for the Alberta election May 5? There seems to be little appetite for a provincial election at this time.

The Alberta advantage?

There are several aspects of last week’s provincial budget that are going to affect a lot of Alberta residents and families, some to their benefit, such as family tax credits, but many more to their detriment.

Migration slowdown

To what extent Cochrane will continue to grow over the next few years is not now as easy to predict as it was just a few months ago.

Washing your mouth out with revenue

Alberta’s ‘corn capital’ has been getting some flack lately, and several residents and officials aren’t too happy about it.

Every man's a winner, and every man's a loser

It’s funny how the world of politics works. It’s next to impossible to predict, but there are still those who try.

Where does this go?

Recycling is an effort that has evolved since the first curbside program was introduced in the U.S. in University City, Mo. in 1973 – the first Canadian program was in Kitchener, Ont. in 1981.


Rocky View County (RVC) is not the biggest fan of the Calgary Regional Partnership (CRP) or its crowning achievement, the Calgary Metropolitan Plan (CMP).
A little hardware

A little hardware

First, second, third…we’re proud of our staff members whenever they receive an award for their work.

Some Keystone realities

Actually reading the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for the Keystone XL Project, released January 2014 by the U.S.

Don't tease us, Billy

In light of Balzac Billy failing to see his shadow Groundhog Day (Feb.