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Seeing through the haze

Perhaps fittingly appropriate, the legalization of cannabis finished its lackadaisical trip through the House of Commons last week.

Should we fund Catholic schools?

The first Catholic School in Alberta was established in 1842, a continuation of a history of publicly-funded religious schools that began during colonization in the early 1600s.

Elections must change

Forty per cent. What is significant about the number? The answer: it is within one or two percentage points of the popular votes that have decided all but three of the most recent elections held at the provincial, territorial or federal levels.

Time to rethink dandelion destruction

Every year people wage war on dandelions. When spring arrives, municipalities unleash the herbicides and residents bring the mowers and weed whackers to bear on the pesky plants.

Don't spark a disaster

People on the western edge of Cochrane were a bit nervous last week when a fire broke out on land just outside of town. Another near Bragg Creek had residents on evacuation alert.

You don't have to regulate everything

Many have heard the story of the five-year-old in Britain who was fined nearly CAD$200 for a lemonade stand that she was operating without a permit.

Road raging

Nothing gets Cochrane in a bigger tizzy than talking about anything to do with traffic.

UCP continues tone deaf march

As the United Conservative Party makes strides toward hitting the ballot for the 2019 provincial election, its weekend founding policy convention set the stage for what the party will stand for.

Bad optics

The Town of Cochrane is considering entering the Internet business.

The power of community

Saturday gave us more than one of the first nice-weather days of spring , it also brought us an amazing example of what a community can accomplish when it works together.